Options for Testing Patients Prior to Treatment

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Testing Patients Prior to Treatment 

Dental professionals are not required to test patients prior to treatment, however, there are options available if they want to implore a testing plan for their patients prior to aerosolizating procedures. A few dentists have contacted me this week indicating that they had trouble getting their patients tested, and this should not be the case. Dentistry was added to the list for asymptomatic patient testing prior to aerosolizing procedures if dentists choose to send them to a clinic for testing. If implementing this plan, RT-PCR tests or other diagnostic testing prior to performing procedures, dental professionals should consider testing within the shortest time window available (e.g., 24-72 hours) prior to the procedure, based on laboratory turnaround time.

See MDH Health Advisory- Updated Testing Information

Another option, is using Oral DNA tests and performing the testing in your own clinic. See Oral DNA for more information if you want to explore this option. At this time, this would be used for asymptomatic patients that will be undergoing a dental procedure that produces aerosols. 

Please understand that a negative RT-PCR test represents a single point in time and patients may be infected in the period between the test and the procedure. 

Testing has not always shown to be accurate for COVID and that is why dental professionals are using other additional precautions in the clinic.

If you choose to do testing for your patients prior to procedures, please add the details to your facility plan.