Board of Dentistry Update

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Minnesota Board of Dentistry

Board of Dentistry Update

Dear Licensees,

Governor Walz will continue to make decisions in the coming days related to the peacetime emergency in MN. 

In the meantime, dental professionals, please try to be patient. I know it is frustrating to have uncertainty. But we all are in this together as a state and community. This is a viral pandemic response and changes every day. At this time, and due to the behavior of the virus, I think we need to understand that dentistry will not resume full scope care immediately. This is our reality as a profession. 

Dentistry is unique care because most dental procedures produce aerosols. We do not have all PPE needs met at this time. As a community, we need to continue to prioritize our patient's care. We can hopefully see a phase back into practice soon.

Please do not email me with questions about the exact date, as it will adjust and change based on the behavior of the virus. That is all we can do right now. The most important thing to consider is your patient's safety and your safety. 

If you are an allied dental professional or dentist that is not comfortable with treating emergency dental care, then do not treat at this time. However, dentists need to help coordinate the patients to another dentist for emergency care. We can help with that too if needed. Contact us if this is the case. 

Dental professionals are front line professionals and we appreciate all clinics that continue to see emergency needs, so the patients do not re-route to overburdened emergency rooms. Please view the additional guidance for infection control when treating emergencies: 

Please continue to social distance patients within the clinic and make sure that patients are being screened before the visit to at least try to identify any symptomatic individuals. The above CDC guidance, along with other resources can provide you information when treating your emergency patients.  For procedures that involve aerosol production, N95 is ideal. Supply production is increasing and dentistry will gain an increased access as well. If you do not have N95 at this time, wear a mask and face shield. I have seen some very creative clinics even making their own face shields. For emergency procedures that do not involve aerosol production, use a mask at all times and use a face shield as well if you have it available. 

If you want to volunteer for medical reserve corps to help other medical professionals, please see for more information. 

The goal as a profession is to phase back to practice and serve our patients in the best way possible. We are focusing on risk to patients and the provider, appropriate PPE availability for different clinical situations, and prioritization of emergent dental needs. 

As always please reach out to me with questions. Please do not call the Board office with questions as it could delay a response due to volume. 

I will now post updates on our website every other day by noon as we work through this and I encourage you to check in then. M-W-F

Visit our website under the COVID-19 resources for additional information.


Bridgett Anderson LDA, MBA

Executive Director