Biosecurity is important every day of the year, and certain seasons require a little extra attention. As spring blooms, livestock start to move to shows and exhibitions. It's a great time to review the basics and do your part to keep your animals, as well as others, healthy. Here's a quick list to get you started. You can also view the full list with details on specific species on our website.

  1. Clearly identify and maintain the farm perimeter and entrances so you can control access to your farm.
  2. Minimize visitors and traffic on your farm and post signs at the farm entrance to inform visitors of procedures to follow on your farm.
  3. Do not share vehicles and equipment between multiple farm sites, even if you own both sites, without thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting between each movement.
  4. Make sure your healthy animals are kept away from wildlife, contaminated materials, sick livestock, or sick people.
  5. Routinely clean and disinfect animal housing facilities, vehicles, and equipment.
  6. Know your animals and keep health records. Work with your veterinarian to plan for vaccinations and treatments to illness.
  7. Maintain accurate records related to your biosecurity.
  8. Educate yourself and train your employees to recognize and report diseases.