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January 2019

Stay in the know in 2019

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New newsletter for veterinarians

Animal Humane Society is launching a new quarterly email newsletter for companion animal veterinarians in Minnesota. As the largest animal welfare organization in the Upper Midwest, they adopt out more than 19,000 cats, dogs and critters each year. They want the veterinary community to know what’s happening at all four shelters and update everyone on new veterinary protocols and procedures when they happen.

They're hoping to open up the lines of communication to make sure animals get off to a great start when they transition to a new home and private practice veterinarians. Plus, don't miss some of the most asked questions addressed each month. If you would like to sign up, please go to:

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Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) Submission to the Board

CVIs issued by accredited veterinarians should be submitted weekly to the Board. The top white copy is the only copy that needs to be submitted. This is a change from the two copies historically required. The CVI itself still directs accredited veterinarians to submit two copies, however, the Board now only requires the top white copy to be submitted. The second copy (blue) is acceptable, but not preferred. The Board recently ordered additional paper CVIs, which will make this change more clear.

What's the latest on low pathogenic avian influenza?

Remember, you can find the latest updates on diseases the Board is currently responding to in Minnesota by visiting our website. Visit, share and bookmark the link: Find fresh information on the low pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in the "updates" section.

Reminder: APHIS Form 7001

When issuing CVIs for animals, please remember only official CVIs may be used. The APHIS Form 7001, that is available online for download by clicking this link, is not an official CVI and cannot be used by Minnesota accredited veterinarians for intrastate or interstate use. The APHIS Form 7001 can only be used for Minnesota animals when it is required by the federal government for international export.

Change for Tuberculin Orders

The Board is transitioning ordering and delivery of Caudal Fold Test tuberculin to the National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL). What does this mean for accredited veterinarians? The next time you need tuberculin, request it the same way you have in the past. Once the Board’s current tuberculin supply is exhausted, we will forward your order to the NVSL and help each veterinarian or clinic get set up in the NVSL system.  Once complete, we will forward you all the information you need for future tuberculin orders directly from NVSL.

Extended Equine CVI (EECVI)

Minnesota accepts the EECVI for horses imported into Minnesota from origin states that have also approved the use of the EECVI. Currently, the only company offering an EECVI option is Global VetLink. Please contact the company for additional information including an up to date list of participating states.

Second Annual Student Careers Program

From our friends at Midwest Poultry:

Are you looking to hire young, professional talent for your farm or company? Come meet a top-notch talent pool interested in poultry by attending the Midwest Poultry Federation's second annual Student Careers Program!

This program will include:
• A chance to introduce your company and express what you're interested in hiring.
• Speed Networking to meet talented 2 and 4-year college students.
• Opportunities to interview students for internships and/or full-time positions.

Sign up to sponsor and participate!

FREE to all MPF level sponsors (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver) or if your company contributed to the LCA Education Fund this year.

Contact: Rebecca Groos at or (763)-682-2171