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Animal Bytes

October 2017

Free plastic ear tag distribution discontinued for sheep and goats

Plastic sheep tag

The USDA has discontinued (until further notice) the distribution of free plastic ear tags for sheep/goats, and metal ear tag applicators. The Board website is updated with the latest information.

Producers can still get free metal ear tags. However, plastic tags may be purchased from a private manufacturer, through this link on the USDA's website. To purchase the metal ear tag applicator from National Band and Tag, follow this link to the Board's website.

Many of the Board's veterinarians are preparing to attend the annual United States Animal Health Association meeting during the third week of October. They hope to learn more information about the future of plastic tag distribution. Please look for an update in next month's Animal Bytes newsletter.

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Certificates of Veterinary Inspection help keep Minnesota's dogs and cats healthy

The Board's new dog and cat program director, Dr. Courtney Wheeler, recently wrote a letter to veterinarians about Certificates of Veterinary Inspection.

"The recent evacuation of dogs and cats to Minnesota from the southern United States, and the growing number of companion animals imported by Minnesota rescue organizations on an ongoing basis, places Minnesota’s domestic animal population at risk for disease outbreaks. Federal and state animal health agencies rely heavily upon accredited veterinarians to mitigate this risk..." Click here to read the rest of the letter.

NPIP Biosecurity Principles training videos

Hopefully you've heard about the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) biosecurity principles.  If not, here's a quick overview of the 14 principles and what they mean for Minnesota's poultry producers.

Thanks to the University of Minnesota Poultry Extension's Educator, Abby Neu, for creating short video tutorials to help producers build their biosecurity plan. Click this link to view the YouTube channel where videos are posted. The first video guides the viewer through preparing for a NPIP biosecurity plan audit.

Abby will breakdown one of the 14 biosecurity principles each week and share the information on the U of M Poultry Extension YouTube page, and the Extension website.

Dr. Dave Wright is the new Minnesota Secure Pork Supply Coordinator

There continues to be a likelihood that the swine industry may soon have to cope with a foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak. The Secure Pork Supply (SPS) plan has been developed to prepare producers for responding to such a FAD disaster in a way that will help to minimize the impact and provide a workable continuity of business for the industry.

Dr. Dave Wright recently accepted a new part-time position with the Board of Animal Health as the Minnesota Secure Pork Supply Coordinator. His responsibilities include generating awareness of the SPS plan, facilitating participation and gathering feedback. He is prepared to meet with veterinary clinics, producer groups, production systems and industry representatives to present an overview of the SPS plan. His presentation includes the risk, cost and immediate implications of a FAD outbreak, and introduces the SPS plan with steps producers can take to participate and prepare.

Please contact Dr. Wright via email or 763-242-7535 to arrange a meeting.