New name approved for an influenza virus

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September 14, 2016

Virus name "Influenza D" approved


A name has been designated to a new virus discovered by researchers at South Dakota State University in 2011. The International Committee of Taxonomy of Viruses officially approved naming the virus "influenza D." It also announced a new genus, Orthomyxovirdae, with a single species, influenza D virus, because it's distinct from influenza types A, B and C.

South Dakota State isolated the virus from a diseased pig five years ago and later found cattle are the primary reservoir for influenza D. This is the first influenza virus identified in cattle.

A research group showed influenza D is spread only through direct contact and proved a guinea pig can be used as an animal model to study the virus. Influenza D antibodies have been identified in blood samples from sheep and goats, and the virus does not affect poultry.

Studies are underway to compare the virulence among the bovine and swine influenza D strains and human influenza C.

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USDA seeking comments for Emerging Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Plan

Testing a bird with a throat swab.

The USDA needs your feedback on the draft plan for responding to emerging animal diseases. Veterinary Services is working on its plan to identify, evaluate and respond to those diseases. Comments on the draft are requested before November 1, 2016 and should be emailed to


Infographic of state tax dollars spend by Board of Animal Health

How to acquire USDA export endorsements

Animal trailer

All international import/export of animals for Service Center 3 (includes Minnesota) is managed from Madison, Wisconsin.

For endorsement of International Health Certificates, please be aware the St. Paul, Minnesota office is by appointment only.

Please call 651-234-5690 at least 10 days prior to travel to make arrangements for endorsement.

When import/export staff in Minnesota are out of the office, any certificates brought in without appointment will either be held until the next day, or sent to Madison for review and endorsement. Payment and a return address label must be included and package tracking is highly recommended for certificates sent via mail or overnight services.

You may also send certificates directly to the Madison office for endorsement at the address below. Payment and a return address label must be included with the certificate.

1111 Deming Way, Suite 100
Madison, WI 53717

Madison office phone: 608-662-0630

See a list of all import/export offices here.

Plus, check out the USDA's Pet Travel website for anyone traveling internationally with their pets.