10/8/2020 News Update - Update on Voter Registration Mailers, Reminder - Important Deadlines Approaching, Time to Revisit Your Ballot Quantities and more

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October 8, 2020


Update on Voter Registration Mailers: Expect Many New Registrations Soon

As announced in the September 8 News Update, the Department of State sent out approximately 700,000 voter registration mailers in the month of September. This effort, which is part of Michigan’s participation in the multistate Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), is on track to result in more than 100,000 new voter registrations statewide. Many of these voters registered through online voter registration or by returning the mailed voter registration form to the Bureau of Elections.

Clerks may have already noticed an increase in new voter registrations as a result of these mailings, and they should expect to see a larger increase at the end of this week when eligible voters who are being registered to vote through the automatic voter registration mailer will begin being added to QVF. Eligible but unregistered citizens with a Michigan Driver’s license or State ID card received this mailer if they had a Secretary of State ID transaction after Proposal 2018-3 went into effect but before it was implemented at branches. The exact number of new registrations will vary by jurisdiction, but a jurisdiction with 10,000 registered voters could expect to see approximately 100 new registrations as a result of this program. Because all of these new registrants have a Michigan Driver’s License or State ID, their QVF records will be complete, but Voter Information Cards will have to be generated and sent to the voters. 


Time to Revisit Your Ballot Quantities

As you know, we are expecting a record turnout for the November election, with a record number of AV ballots issued and received. Clerks are also seeing a high number of voters who have been issued an AV ballot who now wish to vote in person, which will result in spoiled or surrendered ballots. 

We strongly suggest that you take stock of your ballots on hand, track statistics for your individual jurisdictions, compare your current AV trends and current AV ballot request totals to those from the 2016 November election and order more ballots now if it appears you will run low. Remember that you also need ballots available at the clerk's office (and satellite offices if applicable) for voters registering on Election Day who wish to vote AV in the clerk's office.


Democracy MVP

November Election Inspectors

If you need or want additional recruits to serve as election inspectors in November, please fill out this form for city and township clerks and this form for county clerks. Filling out the form signs you up to be sent election inspector recruits through the Department of State’s DemocracyMVP initiative, which continues to recruit Michiganders interested in serving as election inspectors. DemocracyMVP will send interested recruits to clerks who want or need additional election inspectors for November.

If you have requested additional recruits, but no longer need further referrals because you have enough election inspectors, or if you have any questions or concerns about the initiative, please contact Sally Marsh at MarshS3@Michigan.gov.


In this issue:

  • Update on Voter Registration Mailers:  Expect Many New Registrations Soon
  • Reminder - Important Deadlines Approaching
  • Time to Revisit Your Ballot Quantities
  • PPE Update
  • November Election Inspectors



Reminder - Important Deadlines Approaching

There are several important deadlines approaching under the Michigan Election Law (both new provisions and existing provisions):

Sunday, October 11 (23 Days before Election Day):

  • Last day for local and/or county clerks to agree to a combined absent voter counting board.

Tuesday, October 13 (21 Days before Election Day):

  • Last day to appoint election inspectors, including polling place election inspectors, AV counting board election inspectors, and pre-processing election inspectors

Wednesday, October 14 (20 Days before Election Day):

  • Last day to provide written notice and public notice that a local jurisdiction will be conducting AV pre-processing on the Monday before Election Day

Thursday, October 15 (19 Days before Election Day):

  • Last day for Board of County Canvassers to approve absent voter ballot secrecy envelope containers to be used for pre-processing (note: already approved ballot containers may be used for this purpose).





PPE Update

PPE has been shipped to all jurisdictions who have requested it.

If you have not requested PPE and would like to receive a shipment from us, please email Colleen at Garetyc@Michigan.gov with your:

  • Name
  • Jurisdiction
  • County
  • Shipping address
  • Contact phone number

It is important that you provide all information requested in your email.



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