News Update - Transition to QVF Refresh, Recount Request Deadline Elapses, and More

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November 30, 2018

Transition to QVF Refresh for all Cities, Townships, and Counties

QVF Refresh was rolled out statewide in early 2018 with over 3,000 users and 90% of all jurisdictions using this system successfully as their voter registration system for administering the May, August, and November 2018 elections.

If you are using QVF Legacy, begin using QVF Refresh solely as your voter  registration system and cease using QVF Legacy. All trained users are requested to move to QVF Refresh as soon as possible but no later than February 1, 2019. The transition to QVF Refresh now is vitally important as this system includes significant security measures necessary in the current election culture and is also the only real time system capable of performing same day voter registration as will be required beginning with the May 2019 election.

There are two exceptions where QVF Legacy will need to continue to be used by jurisdictions having a May 2019 Election. They include: 1) Electronic Pollbook (EPB) and the subsequent Voting History upload (manual updates of Voting History can be done in QVF Refresh) and 2) generating the paper Precinct List for the May 2019 Election. The QVF Development Team is currently developing the QVF Refresh EPB. Our current plan is to pilot it for the May 2019 Election with the anticipation that all future elections will use EPB generated from QVF Refresh.

We are also developing the replica package (for future replica users only) that will  be piloted in the coming months and rolled out later this year. Further details will be communicated to replica users as they are available. In the meantime, continue to keep your replica server replicating daily.

If you have already been trained on QVF Refresh, please begin using this software exclusively for all your voter registration and election administration needs, except as noted above.   QVF Refresh-trained users are not required to retake training for entry into this system but may simply begin logging in to use the system. All manuals and videos are available in the eLearning Center. The manuals are also available under the Help Menu once you are logged into QVF Refresh software.

If you still require training or would like to take the class again before using the software, a variety of QVF Complete classes are already scheduled through February 2019 at various locations. See the full listing of classes available in the eLearning Center by selecting Classes in the Browse by Subject box. For those of you who miss the opportunity to sign up before classes in your region fill, or if we have not scheduled training in your training region, please use the Interest Tracker in the eLearning Center to express your need for a class. We use this feature to plan for and determine the locations and seating needs for future training sessions. For users requiring only QVF Refresh Basic Training, this online class is available in eLearning by completing the QVF Refresh Introductory Election Administration Curriculum.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your ability to move over to QVF Refresh by the February 1, 2018 deadline, please email the QVF Help Desk at  and we will work with your specific needs to move all users in your jurisdiction to the new system.


Recount Request Deadline Elapses

The state-level recount request deadline has elapsed which allows for the release of voting equipment, ballots, and other supplies from the November 6, 2018 General Election on December 28 if recounts and post-election audits have been completed.

Review the Retention Schedule of Election Documents to ensure materials are being properly retained. Remember, federal election ballots must be retained under seal in a ballot bag or an approved ballot container for 22 months.

There are NO state-level recounts! At this time, recounts filed at the county level may begin.

Reminder - Recount fees are refundable for unrecountable precincts: As a reminder PA 130 of 218 added a third level of fees (its now $25, $125, or $250 depending on the vote differential) and PA 406 of 2014 instituted the refund fees for unrecountable precincts. Please note the following:

MCL 168.867:

(7) If a precinct referred to in the petition is determined "not recountable" as provided in section 871(3) or, subject to subsection (8), if a precinct referred to in the petition is not recounted due to the withdrawal of the petition, the money deposited for the recount of that precinct shall be refunded to the petitioner.

See the linked Recounts; Release of Voting Equipment memo, which was issued to County Clerks Wednesday, and contains additional details related to the release of voting equipment and election materials.


  • Transition to QVF Refresh
  • Recount Request Deadline Relapses
  • QVF Refresh Update
  • BOE Question of the Week

QVF Refresh Update

QVF Refresh Software changes for November 30, 2018 are as follows:

  • Voter Registration -  No longer allows the date of birth to be changed to today’s date in error.
  • Moved From Out of State Report -  Corrected issue where voter’s with middle names were not being listed.
  • Audit Report - Corrected issue so that moves and new registration changes are included in the report.
  • Voting History -  Voters who are ineligible no longer show in this module.
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