NEWS RELEASE: Secretary Johnson launches new system to make it easier to navigate license appeal hearings

Media Release from Secretary of State Ruth Johnson

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Secretary Johnson launches new system to make it easier to navigate license appeal hearings

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New system brings simplicity, efficiency for users

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson today announced that procedures that must be completed for a driver’s license appeal hearing just became much more streamlined thanks to technology.

The “Driver Appeal Integrated System” (DAIS), an online application process for driver’s license appeal hearings, is the latest customer service innovation being rolled out by the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office.

The system will help attorneys, prosecutors and law enforcement officers who are part of the Administrative Hearings process. Driver’s license hearings are scheduled when motorists wish to appeal the denial or revocation of their license.
“This new system brings easy access and efficiency to a complex process,” Johnson said. “The new system not only makes the request for a hearing simpler, but it allows staff to securely transfer hearing files, orders and transcripts electronically, which is a great time-saver.”

The new system provides the following advantages:

• Hearing requests, payments, required documents and transcripts are provided and submitted electronically.
• All hearing notifications, including hearing dates, adjournments, withdrawals and notice of final hearing decisions are sent via email.
• Circuit court petitions and orders regarding license appeal matters can be handled through the new system.

Customers who want to request a hearing are provided access to the online system and create their own secure login account. Individuals who already have a MiLogin account can request access to the new system.

Attorneys, prosecutors and law enforcement officers have their own login for creating an account.

Customers submitting hearing requests through the new system are asked to refrain from also mailing or faxing in the same request. An email will be sent to customers confirming that their electronic request was received.

“I applaud the great work of our Administrative Hearings Section for implementing this innovative system, and thank the state’s Department of Technology, Management and Budget for their efforts as well,” Johnson said. “Customers and staff will quickly see the benefits of the new system over a more, traditional paper-based system.”

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