News Update - Uninstalling & Deleting EPB Files, New Content in Director's Corner, and More

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May 15, 2015

Reminder for ePollbook Jurisdictions  - Uninstalling & Deleting Files

ePollbook user agreements require all files and programs associated with the installation and use of the EPB be deleted no later than seven days after the Canvass of the election (scheduled for May 26th).  The only exception to this requirement is if a precinct is selected for a post-election audit.  Precincts selected for post-election audits may not delete their EPB files until after the audit has been conducted.

Before deletion of files and programs associated with the EPB, voter history must be uploaded into QVF.  EPB files must be uninstalled after every election as the data is always changing.  Some jurisdictions used old EPB files for the May election and endured great problems as a result.  


For further instructions, refer to the Electronic Pollbook User Manual.  In addition, a short tutorial video clip may be viewed in the eLearning Center on how to import EPB Voter History into QVF.


Director's Corner

New content has been added to the Director's Corner in the eLearning Center.  Items of interest this week include an article on early and absentee voting, as well as online voter registration.

New content is added weekly with articles or videos like these providing news on the national side of elections.


  • Uninstalling & Deleting EPB Files
  • Director's Corner
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Election Officials' Accreditation
  • Ballot Retention
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Reporting Requirement Reminders

The Provisional Ballot Report was due on Tuesday, May 12th.  If your jurisdiction has not yet completed the Provisional Ballot Report, please do so immediately.


In addition, the forms for reimbursement of the May special election have been released.  Login to the eLearning Center to complete the City/Twp Reimbursement form or the County Reimbursement form.  Submissions for reimbursement are due no later than August 3rd, 2015. 


Election Officials' Accreditation - June Class

A few seats are available in the Election Officials' Accreditation class being offered:

June 23rd and 24th at Delta Township Hall (7710 W

Delta Township Hall (7710 W

Saginaw Hwy; Lansing, MI)

Election Officials' Accreditation is a class specifically for newly elected or appointed election administrators.

Reserve your spot in the eLearning Center!


Ballot Retention - May Election

As a reminder, ballot retention for the May election is 30 days post State Canvass.  The State Canvass is scheduled for May 26th. A release date will be forthcoming after the completion of that meeting.  Take a moment to review the full Retention Schedule to ensure you are properly retaining election documents.



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