Ottawa County Continues to Grow Going Into the New Decade

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June 1, 2022

The 2021 County, City, and Township population estimates have been released by the Census Bureau. Below are some notable highlights from the release.

Ottawa County Continues To Grow Going Into the New Decade

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the beginning of the 2020s, Ottawa County remains the 7th most populated county in Michigan, with an estimated 2021 population of 299,157, an increase of 2,957 from 2020.

Unlike some of the other most populated counties in Michigan, Ottawa County continued to see growth in 2021. And, much like from 2010 to 2020, the County was the fastest growing of the ten most populated counties with 1.0% growth compared to Livingston County’s second highest growth of 0.6%.

Additional information on Ottawa County's population growth can be found on the County Statistics portion of the Department of Strategic Impact website, including additional tables and graphs

2020-2021 Population Growth for Michigan's 10 Most Populated Counties

Jamestown and Holland Townships Top 2021 Population Growth Among Local Units

16 of the 24 local units of Ottawa County saw population growth in 2021.

Jamestown Township and Holland Township were the fastest growing units at 2.8% growth followed by Blendon Township with 2.6% growth.

More information on Ottawa County's local units, including additional tables and graphs, can be found on the County Statistics portion of the Department of Strategic Impact website. 

Looking For More?

Population data for the entire state is available on the US Census Bureau’s website.

If you enjoy digging into similar data and reports, find more on from the Department of Strategic Impact.

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