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April 18, 2022

Defenders Office Holding Expungement Clinic

By Appointment | April 29 | 12-4pm | Grand Haven

The Ottawa County Public Defender Office is hosting an expungement clinic for those wishing to have a criminal conviction set aside. "In Ottawa County, we understand that some residents have made mistakes in their pasts, have served their sentences, and are on roads to better lives. Criminal records can put obstacles in those paths for those residents and their families. We want to ease that burden so these residents can more easily find jobs, housing and other opportunities for better futures," said Patrick Kolehouse, Assistant Public Defender.

At the clinic you can:

  • Obtain conviction records¬†
  • Be fingerprinted
  • Complete the paperwork
  • Schedule a court date

Complete the pre-registration form at to make an appointment. The preregistration form is also available in Spanish ( and a Spanish-speaking attorney will be available.

Not all offenses are eligible to be expunged, so pre-registration paperwork is necessary. The criminal record will not be cleared at the the event; the expungement process can take several months. 

The Ottawa County Public Defender Office is also seeking attorney volunteers. Contact Patrick Kolehouse ( for more information.

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