State expands Children’s Special Health Care Services coverage to adults with sickle cell disease

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State of Michigan expands Children’s Special Health Care Services coverage to adults with sickle cell disease 

Michigan adults over age 21 are now eligible for health care coverage for sickle cell disease through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Under the fiscal year 2022 budget signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the Children’s Special Health Care Services program has expanded to include sickle cell disease coverage for adults – with $6.7 million to cover treatment for a projected 400 adults with sickle cell who were not previously covered.

“One of MDHHS’s top priorities is expanding access to health care coverage through innovation,” said Kate Massey, senior deputy director for the department’s Health and Aging Services Administration. “Addressing the needs of adult patients has been a challenge for many years. Expanding eligibility for sickle cell disease coverage to adults over age 21 improves the quality of care provided in Michigan.”

The program now covers services directly related to sickle cell, including copays, deductibles, transportation, care coordination, access to Children’s Special Health Care Services clinics and case management. 

Expansion of the eligibility was effective Oct. 1. There are approximately 2,800 adults in Michigan with sickle cell disease, with approximately 120 adults currently covered

For more information on the program or to apply for coverage, individuals should contact  Brenda Kempf at the Ottawa County Department of Public Health at 616 393-4445 or 616 396-5266. Eligibility is based on medical circumstances and not on income.

For more information, visit Children's Special Health Care Services .

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