Vertellus Chemical Update

Sheriff Press Release

August 31, 2021, 1:07PM

Vertellus Chemical Update

Earlier today, Ottawa County Emergency Management responded to an air release of a dry powder from Vertellus Chemical in Zeeland (215 North Centennial Street). The powder has been identified as plastic. Out of an abundance of caution, individuals within the impacted area have been notified and have been asked to shelter in place. Ottawa County will provide further updates as progress of the clean-up crew continues.

No school buildings have been impacted, however some bus routes may need to be suspended this afternoon. Ottawa County is working closely with Zeeland Public Schools to identify impacted bus routes. If caregivers need to pick up their children, the school will contact those parents or guardians directly.

Ottawa County thanks everyone for their patience as we continue to work with public safety agencies.

Previous message: There has been an air release of a dry powder at Vertellus Chemical in the city of Zeeland 8/31/21 at 0900hrs.  No immediate danger to the public is identified at this time but out of an abundance of caution, the area has been shut down to through traffic, and residents and businesses within the affected area have been asked to shelter in place.  The affected area at this time (air monitoring is continuing) is between Washington and Roosevelt, and Centennial and State, just west and north of Vertellus Chemical in the city Zeeland.  Zeeland Fire, Ottawa County Hazmat, and other public safety agencies are on site.  Zeeland Schools have been notified and busses in the area will be suspended while clean-up is underway.