Press Release: Ottawa County Clerk's Office releases audit report

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Elections press release


April 5, 2021

Verifying the Vote: Ottawa County Clerk’s Office releases audit report on the November 2020 Election

West Olive - The Ottawa County Clerk’s Office is releasing a report of their audit of the November 2020 General Election. In addition to reporting the outcome of the procedural audit, this report, Verifying the Vote, also breaks down the post-election audit process and highlights areas for improvement. 

Building off the award-winning 2020 “#OttawaVotes” voter information campaign, this report underscores the need for transparency in election administration, and provides voters an opportunity to learn more about how the November election was administered in Ottawa County.

“Our team has engaged in many conversations over the past few months with Ottawa County residents who have expressed questions and concerns about the elections process and want to know that their vote counted in this election,” said Ottawa County Clerk Justin Roebuck. “Our goal in releasing Verifying the Vote is to increase accountability, and give the public the information they need to ensure that this election was free, fair, and secure.”

Election audits are performed after every election to ensure local city and township clerks, their staff and election workers followed proper procedures before, during and after Election Day. Verifying the Vote explains the purpose and steps of the procedural audit in a visual, easy-to-digest flowchart; rates how successful Ottawa County’s election inspectors were in following procedures; and offers solutions to address any deficiencies uncovered by the audit.

The report also reaffirms the incredible level of accuracy that every individual involved in the elections process in Ottawa County upheld. In Ottawa County alone, this process involved 23 local clerks, dozens of staff members, and nearly 1,000 election inspectors. Verifying the Vote shows their commitment to maintaining election integrity, while serving voters during a pandemic.

To view the report, or for more information on Ottawa County’s election processes, visit

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