February is National Condom Month - Wear One!

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February is National Condom Month - Wear One!


The American Sexual Health Association recognizes each February as National #CondomMonth. The Ottawa County Department of Public Health provides free condoms at various locations throughout the county and state (click for a list of locations). Residents of Ottawa or Allegan County can also order condoms by mail here. Not having sex is the best way to keep from getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you choose to be sexually active, correct and consistent use of condoms is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of STIs.


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"As we work to eliminate barriers to sexual health services in Allegan and Ottawa County, we launched a condoms-by-mail program to do just that. Now, people wanting to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and STIs have choices in where and how they get their condoms," said Heather Alberda, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator with the Ottawa County Department of Public Health. 

National Condom Month Resources:

How to Use a Condom

Talking to a Partner about Condoms and Safer Sex

Get the Right Size Condom


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National #CondomMonth - Find free condoms near you at miOttawa.org/WearOne or have them mailed to you! #WearOne


February is National #CondomMonth #WearOne. It’s YOUR health–take charge and be safe! miOttawa.org/WearOne


Wrap it up! February is National #CondomMonth. Learn more @ http://ow.ly/XOQj8  #WearOne

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For more information about low/no cost STI testing and treatment,
visit miOttawa.org/SexualHealth or call 616-396-5266.

Media Contacts: 


Heather Alberda

AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator

616-393-5774 or halberda@miottawa.org

Cell 616-610-2236


Kristina Wieghmink

Communications Specialist

616-494-5597 or kwieghmink@miottawa.org


Wear One campaign video at https://youtu.be/7792cdEg_7w and https://youtu.be/4Y3jaHEvtyg

STI testing at the Ottawa County Department of Public Health

at https://youtu.be/Smfrczi7YGY 


American Sexual Health Association 


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