Get ahead of the 'Big Thaw' to prevent flooding

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February 1, 2019

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The Big Thaw: Tips to prevent flooding

While many of us are looking forward to the above freezing temperatures predicted for the weekend, all of the melting snow has to go somewhere. Since the ground is still frozen, the water will run along the surface instead of seeping into the ground. This can lead to flooded streets and homes. You can do things today to prevent damage to your home and property:

  • ensure your sump pump is plugged in and is working
  • shovel snow and any debris out of any catch basins and drains
  • dig snow out of window wells and basement exterior stairwells including any drain areas
  • remove any snow a few feet away from outside doors and dig a path for water to flow away from your home
  • prepare drainage paths away from your home for downspouts and areas where roof runoff is likely to occur
  • monitor your roof for ice dams
  • know the location of your water shut off to limit damage should broken pipes present themselves as the weather warms

Ottawa County Emergency Management, along with the National Weather Service and Water Resources Commissioner will be actively monitoring the water levels in the Grand River and local drains.

As we move into a warmer weather pattern through the weekend into Monday, stay connected with Ottawa County for updates: