The Road Newsletter | October 2018

The Road Newsletter Updated 2018

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Road Commission approves budget for 2019

The Board of County Road Commissioners recently approved the Ottawa County Road Commission’s budget for 2019. 

2019 Proposed OCRC Budget
The graph above is the primary budget with anticipated funds from the Michigan Transportation Fund.

The Road Commission's principal source of funding is the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF). This fund is supported by vehicle registration fees and the Michigan state gas tax. 

The Road Commission's allocation is based on a formula, which includes factors such as population, miles and type of certified roads, and vehicle registration fees. 

Other revenues include federal and state funding programs, the countywide road millage, Township contributions to local road improvements, permit fees, and salvage equipment and materials sales. 

The 2019 budget -- available to download HERE -- was developed with anticipated MTF revenues of $27.8 million. The funding is funneled into the many services performed by the OCRC, include road maintenance, drainage, and improvement (see the above graphic).

The Road Commission’s budget is always dependent on receiving the anticipated MTF revenue and revenue from other streams.

The amount spent on winter maintenance each season can also affect what work can take place during other times of year.

Here are the Road Commission’s projected revenues categories for 2019:

  • MTF: $27.8 million
  • Federal and State Grants: $4.325 million
  • Countywide Millage: $4.3 million
  • Township Contributions: $5 million

While the MTF is broken down into our operating budget, other revenue sources go directly into roads, through either preventative maintenance or road improvements.

Also approved was the 2019-23 Strategic Improvement Plan, which uses anticipated road revenue and road ratings to craft a plan for maintenance and improvement of county roads.

The SIP is available on our website,

What do do with all of those fall leaves?


With the arrival of fall comes the annual chore of getting rid of leaves.

As you clean up your yard this autumn, please keep in mind that the Ottawa County Road Commission does not provide leaf or yard debris pickup service.

You're asked instead to use your refuse service if leaf collection is available, or use a township leaf drop-off site if one is available in your community.

Here are some important reminders to consider when you clean up your yard this fall:

  • Keep leaves out of ditches and storm drains. This is to prevent flooding and protect the water quality in local streams and lakes.
  • Please keep leaves off of the street. Leaves piled in the street can be a hazard to motorists and bicyclists. Remember, property owners are responsible and bear the liability for leaves that are placed improperly in the street, or cause safety or flooding hazards.
  • Keep sidewalks and paths clear. Leaves and other seasonal debris piled on these pathways can cause slipping and tripping hazards.

If you need additional information about leaf disposal, please contact your refuse service or township office.

Shake your mailbox flyer

Click above to download and print this flyer to share it with your friends and neighbors. 

Click here to download instructions on how to build a snow deflector and temporary mailbox this winter.

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