MPSERS Employer News - September 2022

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MPSERS Employer News

September 2022

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Reporting Authorization certifications coming soon

Each year, the Reporting Authorization Certification (RAC) is sent to all reporting units near the beginning of the school year. This form includes the contacts and users for your reporting unit as they are listed on your Employer Reporting website home page, in the box called Your Contacts. It is critical to review this information to make sure the list is correct, complete, and up to date, and to make sure the staff at your school have the proper user access to load and process payroll reports and process payments.

Having current contact information is also important to ensure that ORS is contacting the correct staff when communicating with reporting units about changes in retirement law, reporting and payment issues, programming updates, and so on.

Superintendents or chief administrators (ADM1) should receive this form soon. If there is a change to the authorized individuals we have listed, please update the designated area on the form with the new information. We will then update our system with the changes. Please return the completed and signed form to ORS Employer Reporting by email, at, no later than Oct. 31, 2022. 

Changes needed now or anytime throughout the year must be made by the Web Administrator on the Employer Reporting website. To make changes to the Web Administrator or Payment Processor access, complete the necessary Web Administrator Authorization (R0687C) form and/or the Payment Processor Authorization (R0842C) form, depending on which roles need to be updated. Refer to the Reporting Instruction Manual, 12:00 Managing employer contacts for more information.

Fiscal Year 2022-23 contribution rates go into effect Oct. 1

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Use the contribution rate table with the effective date of Oct. 1, 2022, for DTL2 records with an end date on or after 10/01/2022.

You’ll find the contribution rate tables for FY 2022-23 (updated 8/2022) on the Employer Information website under Reporting Resources, Contribution Rates. Be sure to use the correct table, depending on your type of reporting unit:

A description of each of the elements of the contribution rates is available in the Glossary. A link to the Glossary now appears in the footer of every page on the Employer Information website.

Employer Information website enhancements

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When the State of Michigan changed its website platform this past spring, the Employer Information website (also called Public School Reporting Units) got a whole new look and feel, along with our major overhaul of the Reporting Instruction Manual.

In the past several months, ORS has put much thought and effort into upgrading the functionality of the rest of the site. Two major changes you may have already noticed are evident on the home page and the Employer Communications page.

Changes to the home page include a new box of frequently used links in the top right of the page and a reorganized, more informative “What’s New” section. Along with being easier to use, the new home page is now only 60% as long, reducing the need to scroll down (see image above).

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Changes to the Employer Communications page include features that allow users to find past information more easily, using a keyword search, topic filters, and/or date ranges for communications dated Jan.1, 2022 or later. Older communications (back to 2019) are still available as well; a link to that page is at the top of the Employer Communications page.

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One more small change – in the footer that appears at the bottom of every page on the site, a link to the Glossary now appears. It’s the same glossary we have in the Reporting Instruction Manual, but now it’s just a click away on any page of the Employer Information website.

We hope these enhancements will improve your experience on this website. Thanks for your patience and contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

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Wrap your arms around the future

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October is National Retirement Security Month. Join ORS and Voya for live and on-demand webinars; participants can register for one-on-one appointments with Voya. Watch for more details.

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September October calendar 2022

Important Dates & Reminders

Oct. 1
New FY contribution rates go into effect for records with an end date of 10/01/22.

Oct. 2
Scheduled system maintenance (Employer Reporting website unavailable).

Oct. 31
Due date for returning the Reporting Authorization Certification.

Recent Communications

Recent Communications

No communications were sent to all reporting units since the last newsletter.

RIM Updates

Recent RIM Updates

No sections of the RIM were updated in the past month.

Helpful Tip

Helpful Tip

No UAAL invoices
As a reminder, there are no UAAL invoices for the months of September and October.