MPSERS Employer News - April 2022

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MPSERS Employer News

April 2022

457 Plan

Update: 457 Plan set for May 26

Back in February 2022 ORS provided an update on the State of Michigan 457 Plan that will become available to all Basic and MIP members with the premium subsidy benefit in late May 2022.

As a result of this change, all compensation and hours reported on DTL2 records will also need to be reported on DTL4 records. This change will take effect with any record end date of 05/26/2022 and after. This includes any positive adjustments with a record end date of 05/26/2022 and after.

ORS recently updated the Q and A page on the Employer Information site.

ORS is also working on member communications. We will share these with all reporting units before they are sent to members. Learn more about the State of Michigan 457 Plan for Basic and MIP members.

Independent Contractor/Third-Party Employee Audit

Independent Contractor Audit

ORS is working toward the next audit cycle for the Independent Contractor/ Third-Party Employee Audit this summer. It is important to know the retiree status of anyone performing services at your reporting unit so you can determine if they need to be reported to ORS. 

The Member Benefit Plan link on the Employer Reporting website and the Working After Retirement – Employer Guide are useful tools to assist in this effort. See the Reporting Instruction Manual (RIM) section 7.06.01: Determining a member's benefit plan.)

There may be independent contractors or third-party employees that retired from another district and are receiving a MPSERS pension. It is imperative that you ask potential hires for their MPSERS retiree status when hiring individuals either directly or indirectly.


Payroll calendars now available

Your 2022-23 payroll calendar is now available for review on the Employer Reporting website. The dates on your calendar were created following the schedule used in your fiscal year (FY) 2021-22 payroll calendars. Please review your online payroll calendar dates to ensure they correspond to the pay period begin and end dates that you will use for your retirement detail reports in FY 2022-23.

You can view your calendar by clicking the View Payroll Calendar link on the Employer Reporting website. Under Existing Calendars, locate the FY 2022-23 calendar link(s). This will open the Create/Edit Payroll Calendar Details screen. Verify the pay period start and end dates listed under Option 2 – View Payroll Period Dates

Important: Adjustments to your payroll calendar will result in changes to your pay cycle report and payment due dates.

ORS will not accept calendar changes in the event a pay period end date falls on a holiday or a weekend. Changes in a payroll calendar are allowed only in the instance of changing the frequency of pay (biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly) or in the case of a fiscal year with 27 pay periods. 

Only ORS can make changes to your payroll calendar. If your 2022-23 calendar needs to be changed, you must contact ORS no later than Friday, June 10, 2022. Please submit any changes by completing the Payroll Calendar Submission and Change Request (R1073C)) form located on the Employer Information website under Reporting Resources, Forms

For more information on payroll calendars, please see the RIM section 7.00.01: Payroll calendars and due dates.

Employer Survey – thank you

Employer Thank you

Thank you to all who completed the recent surveys for administrative and payroll staff. Input from reporting units through surveys is one method of communication that helps us know what we are doing well and where we may be able to do better.

The surveys closed Tuesday, April 12. We are in the process of analyzing and reviewing the collected data and comments. Look for an article in the May newsletter highlighting our findings.

We shared the results of the January 2022 survey in the February 2022 newsletter.

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April May 2022

Important Dates & Reminders

May 2
Scheduled system maintenance (Employer Reporting website unavailable).

May 30
Memorial Day — ORS is not open for business on this state holiday.

Recent Communications

Recent Communications

Spring 2022 Employer survey – for payroll staff

Spring 2022 Employer survey – for administrative staff

RIM Updates

Recent RIM Updates

3.02: Special  membership circumstances (updated 04/13/2022)

4.02: Reportable compensation (updated 04/13/2022)

4.03: Nonreportable compensation (updated 04/13/2022)

5.08: Employees receiving workers' compensation (updated 04/13/2022)

8.01: What needs to be remitted (updated 04/13/2022)

Helpful Tip

Helpful Tip

Recent updates to the Reporting Instruction Manual (RIM) are listed on the RIM home page, as usual.

Previous versions of those updated RIM sections are also listed in the new Appendix B. To determine what has been updated, you may compare the previous version found in Appendix B to the current version.