MPSERS Employer News - May 2021

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MPSERS Employer News

May 2021

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Students start their summer jobs

Beginning in June, employers begin to see an increase in students working summer jobs. If your reporting unit hires some of those students, please review the Reporting Instruction Manual (RIM) to ensure accurate reporting for them. Note: The “do report” rules summarized below apply to community college students only if they were hired before July 2, 2018.

For community college reporting units, see the RIM section 3.03.12 Student Employed by a Community College.

For K-12 public school districts, charter schools, public school academies, and intermediate school districts, see the RIM section 3.02.09 Student Age 19 or Older (Not Employed by a Community College) and RIM section 3.03.02: Full-time Student or Employee Under 19 (Not Employed by a Community College).

Do not report:

  • Employees under age 19 in a temporary, intermittent, or irregular seasonal or athletic position.
    • Seasonal includes only working in the summer.
    • Athletic position includes coach and lifeguard.
  • Employees enrolled in, and attending, full-time classes.

Do report:

  • Employees age 19 and over who work any time outside of “enrolled and attending status,” including summer and winter breaks.
  • Employees under age 19 if working in a permanent position and not a student.

Payroll calendars now available

Payroll calendar

Your 2021-22 payroll calendar is now available for review on the Employer Reporting website. The dates on your calendar were created following the schedule used in your fiscal year (FY) 2020-21 payroll calendars. Please review your online payroll calendar dates to ensure they correspond to the pay period begin and end dates that you will use for your retirement detail reports in FY 2021-22.

You can view your calendar by clicking the View Payroll Calendar link. Under Existing Calendars, locate the FY 2021-22 calendar link(s). This will open the Create/Edit Payroll Calendar Details screen. Verify the pay period start and end dates listed under Option 2 – View Payroll Period Dates

Important: Adjustments to your payroll calendar will result in changes to your pay cycle report and payment due dates.

ORS will not accept calendar changes in the event a pay period end date falls on a holiday or a weekend. Changes in a payroll calendar are allowed only in the instance of changing the frequency of pay (biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly) or in the case of a fiscal year with 27 pay periods. 

Only ORS can make changes to your payroll calendar. If your 2021-22 calendar needs to be changed, you must contact ORS no later than Friday, June 11, 2021. Please submit any changes by completing the Payroll Calendar Submission and Change Request (R1073C) form located on the Employer Information website under Reporting Resources, Forms

For more information on payroll calendars, please see the RIM sections 7.03.00 Payroll Calendars and 7.03.01 Payroll Calendars with More than One Pay Schedule

Why ORS sends FOIA request notifications

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Occasionally, you and your employees receive an email from ORS notifying you that we have released information to a person who requested it under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

The email notification is not a statutory requirement, but it is something ORS provides as a courtesy to members, letting them know what information about them was released – typically name, compensation, and employer for a given fiscal year – and who requested it. ORS is committed to transparency and takes seriously its responsibility with member information. 

Subject to other statutes and court rulings, information or records containing a person’s address, date of birth, beneficiary information, medical information, Social Security number, and related types of personal information are generally covered by the FOIA’s personal privacy exemptions. A person’s Social Security number and medical records are also protected under federal law. ORS doesn’t release any of this information in response to FOIA requests. 

A key part of our notification emails is the requester’s name and contact information. If an employee asks you about a FOIA request or a notification email, please ask them to contact the requester. Only the requester can explain how they intend to use the information or why they requested it. 

For more information about Michigan’s FOIA laws, see Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act, a publication prepared by the attorney general’s office.

Review flagged and suspended records

Stop Sign - Red Flag

Your reporting unit should review flagged records to ensure accuracy. If no changes need to be made to the flagged records, save the record and it will post.

Suspended records must be corrected before they will post. Once the correction is made and the record is valid, save the record and it should post overnight. Please see RIM section 7.06.00: Viewing Your Report/Finding Flagged, Suspended and Bad Format Records for additional information.

Contract and magnifying glass

Compensation Corner – Understanding contract reviews

At the time of retirement, ORS requires a full review of contract(s), contract addendums, and reported wage details to ensure accurate calculation of a member’s pension. When your member retires, ORS will request necessary information from your reporting unit to conduct the audit. ORS cannot process the retirement and insurances without all documentation on file. When your reporting unit receives these requests, it is important to submit all documentation together. Please do not send partial information as this could delay the processing of the member’s retirement and insurances.

As a reminder, for any payments that are considered above the base salary or not in the contract, reporting units must submit written documentation. This may include, but is not limited to, reimbursements, bonuses, merit pay, annuities, longevity pay, etc.

To ensure timely calculation of the member's retirement and insurances, our office will request the documents be returned within 10 business days of the request.

If you have any questions regarding this process or need a contract reviewed, you can contact

In This Issue:

Calendar - May and June 2021

Important Dates & Reminders

May 31
Memorial Day — ORS is not open for business on this state holiday.

June 6
Scheduled system maintenance (Employer Reporting website unavailable).

June 11
Last date to submit a payroll calendar change request form.

Recent Communications

Recent Communications

No communications were sent to all reporting units since the last newsletter.

Recent RIM updates

Recent RIM updates

5/05/21 4.04.21: Arbitration Awards, Tenure-Commission Ruling, Court Orders, Grievances  

Helpful Tip

Helpful Tip

ESSER and COVID-19 reporting

As you’re making payments from your Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding, keep in mind that the payment is not necessarily reportable on a DTL2 record. 

Use section 4.09.00: COVID-19 and Reporting in the RIM  to help you determine whether a payment is reportable on a DTL2 record. These payments should be reported on a DTL4 record when a DTL4 record is required.