MPSERS Employer News - February 2019

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MPSERS Employer News

February 2019

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Introducing our e-newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the MPSERS Employer News, a monthly e-newsletter intended to be a valuable source of information regarding Employer Reporting. 

Each issue will include feature articles, reminders and upcoming important dates, and useful tips.

You’ll continue to receive emails regarding time-sensitive information when needed, as well as emails regarding information that doesn’t affect all employers. But recurring “reminder” emails will be far fewer, replaced by this e-newsletter.

Send us your suggestions for content for this newsletter, such as a tip you found helpful or a topic you would like covered, at

Quarterly wage certification no longer required

Things To Do

Reporting units no longer need to certify federally funded wages each quarter as in the past. Community colleges and universities no longer need to certify wages paid to employees with optional retirement plans (ORP) or UAL wages.

You will no longer get quarterly reminders to perform this task. The sections of the Reporting Instruction Manual explaining this task have been removed. The link on the Employer Reporting page may remain for a while longer, but you will no longer need it.

NSI tables corrected for 2018

Last October we updated the Normal Salary Increase (NSI) tables in the Reporting Instruction Manual to show the 2018 rates. Upon review we discovered the rates we posted for 2018 were incorrect. We have updated the tables with the correct 2018 rates.  

For employees in class codes 1110, 1120 or 1130, please check the updated NSI rate tables in the RIM sections shown below. ORS will be reaching out to the members and to reporting units that have made adjustments using the incorrect rates.

4.03.01: NSI for Superintendents 1110
4.03.02: NSI for Assistant Superintendents 1120
4.03.03: NSI for Administrative Assistants 1130
4.03.04: NSI for Colleges and Universities 1110, 1120, 1130

Any compensation in excess of NSI is considered nonreportable.

We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

Michigan State Capitol

New laws affect employers

In December Governor Snyder signed into law two bills that affect MPSERS employers: Public Acts (PA) 482 and 512 of 2018.

PA 482 amends the retirement act regarding retirees who return to work indirectly through a third party or as an independent contractor. It codifies the current practice of excluding custodial, food, or transportation services from the Michigan Office of Retirement Services’ (ORS) list of core services. 

We excluded these services from the core services list, but the exclusions were not codified by law until now. In addition, custodial, food or transportation services provided by aides and supervisors are now excluded from the list. For more about core services, see the RIM 9.06 Core Services.

PA 512 repeals a change scheduled to take effect in FY2019-20 involving charging contribution rates across payroll adjusted by current operating expenditures.  The current contribution rate process will remain in effect.

PA 512 also clarifies membership of student employees at community colleges. We’re communicating separately and directly with community colleges regarding those provisions of the new law.

In This Issue:

February 2019 Calendar

Important Dates & Reminders

January 1
Interest rate for late payments increased to 12.40%

February 7
Final deadline for 2015-2017 Professional Services Leave Certification audit.

February 15
UAAL invoices available on Employer Reporting website.

February 18
Presidents Day - ORS is not open for business on this state holiday.

March 3
Scheduled system maintenance (website unavailable until 1 p.m.)

Recent RIM updates

Recent RIM updates

4.03.01 NSI for Superintendents 1110 (updated 02/11/2019)

4.03.02 NSI for Assistant Superintendents 1120 (updated 02/11/2019)

4.03.03 NSI for Administrative Assistants 1130 (updated 02/11/2019)

4.03.04 NSI for Colleges and Universities 1110,1120,1130 (updated 02/11/2019)

4.08.02 Bonus Payments  (updated 02/11/2019) 

4.08.03 Other Payments  (updated 02/11/2019)

4.08.00 FF/ORP/UAL Payments (removed 12/19/2018)

7.19.00 Reporting FF/ORP/UAL Wages on the Employer Reporting Website (removed 12/19/2018)

Helpful Tip

Helpful Tip

To avoid late fees and interest, make sure to select the correct receipt type when making a payment.