March 2024 MICIP Continuous Communication

MICIP Continuous Communication

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In this issue of MICIP Continuous Communication

This issue of MICIP Continuous Communication contains several important updates, upcoming events, and much more! Meet our new MICIP Lead, Dot Blackwell in her introductory CC article! There's also important information about updates to the MICIP platform, several professional learning opportunities, resources from MICIP partners, and much more!


The MICIP team recently posted new presentations about two districts' continuous improvement experiences:

Please consider sharing your stories as well. Contact MICIP Professional Learning Lead Ben Boerkoel ( to make arrangements. 

Dot HeadshotWelcome Dorothy (Dot) Blackwell!

Greetings! My name is Dot Blackwell. I have been an educator for thirty-two years and most recently as a Superintendent for the last eight years. 

The Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP) is a thoughtful and intuitive process with a “whole child” focus. I am honored to serve as the MICIP Lead Consultant at the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) for the Office of Educational Support in the Continuous Improvement Unit.

I look forward to working collaboratively with districts to better understand the MICIP platform and how to best utilize the process to help ALL students to achieve their greatest potential.

You can contact Dot at

Revision to MICIP Platform Header

With the intent of keeping the vocabulary in the MICIP platform consistent with the wording of the cycle, the header in the platform now reads ASSESS – PLAN – IMPLEMENT – REPORT rather than beginning with DISCOVER.

The drop-down under ASSESS will still include Data Story and Root Cause.

Platform image 1

Platform image 2

MICIP Training Environment – Change to Log-in Process

We have exciting news to share about the new MICIP Training Environment! You can now sign in using your district credentials rather than use the previous log-in. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Login with MILaunchPad

login directions

  • Find District Name

find district name

  • Enter your district credentials and click on Sign-in - note the change from the former login of username ( and password (WelcomeToMICIP!).

login district

  • You will see the main MICIP screen with a beige banner “MICIP Training Environment” across the top of the screen. This is a safe “sandbox” to try things out in MICIP.

If you have questions, contact the Service Desk, and create a ticket. You will need to sign up for an account your first time before you can submit a ticket.

Quality TutoringImplementing Quality Tutoring Programs: Free Webinar

Free Webinar Details:

Is your district starting a tutoring program to provide additional academic support for students? Are you already providing a tutoring program, but wondering how you can enhance its impact?

If so, this webinar is for you!

MAISA and MDE are partnering with National Student Support Accelerator to share research-based best practices for tutoring. The material will be appropriate for both districts growing their own tutoring program and districts seeking to partner with a provider.

There is no charge to attend the webinar.

Please forward all registration questions to Taylor Hoag ( and any other questions to Rich Marshall (

MDE 2024 Continuous Improvement Conference

The MDE 2024 Continuous Improvement Conference will take place on November 21, 2024, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lansing under the theme:

Living Into Continuous Improvement: Off the Shelf and Into the Classroom.

For many years district and school improvement plans were the outcome of an annual exercise resulting in documents that were put on the shelf and not seen until a year later when the exercise was repeated. Using the new continuous improvement process, districts and schools are developing integrated plans that identify the work they should be doing on a daily basis to improve student outcomes.

Conference presenters will be asked to address the question:

What culture, structure, and practice supports taking the continuous improvement plan off the shelf and into the classroom?

The conference planning committee will be providing additional ideas and questions that presentations could address regarding this key question, and proposals addressing these or similar questions will be more likely to be considered.

More information regarding Requests for Presentations (RFPs) as well as registration will be available soon. For now, mark your calendars to save the date.

Professional LearningMICIP Professional Learning

Collaboration Series

The next Collaboration Series will meet from 9:00 – 11:00 am on Wednesday, March 13 with a focus on strategies, including on using Strategy Implementation Guides.

There will also be a guest presentation from Grandville Public Schools on the integration of MICIP and MTSS systems.

All materials from the Series can be found on the MICIP Collaboration Series dashboard. Anyone is welcome to access the materials whether or not you are attending.

You can register at the MICIP Collaboration Series registration link.

User Group

The next MICIP User Group will take place from 9:00 – 10:00 am on Wednesday, April 17. No registration is required. The meeting can be accessed at the link in the line above.

Materials from the User Group can be found at this link: MICIP User Group Conversation Dashboard

Concurrency Presentation

The recording from the Concurrency presentation is now available on the MICIP website along with the slides and helpful hints document.

Statewide Field TeamStatewide Field Team Newsletter

 The Statewide Field Team February Newsletter focus is on Assess Needs and Assets and supports the implementation of systems, processes, routines, and strategies for continuous improvement.

MiMTSS LogoInformation from the MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center

Living into CI imageLiving Into Continuous Improvement

At the September meeting of the Michigan Continuous Improvement Facilitators Network (MCIFN), attendees were asked to answer the question:

“What does it look and sound like to live into continuous improvement?”

As part of our Living Into Continuous Improvement theme for this year, we will be sharing these responses in Continuous Communication throughout this academic year. Some of the responses included the following:

  • A living and working process: a plan is never “finished”
  • The process is not a compliance piece and is always changing and evolving based on what we are currently doing
  • Districts/schools being intentional about putting goals/data in a public space and revisiting often
  • Continuing to evolve and recognize that changes are necessary in goals/strategies to monitor and adjust for what’s working and what's not
  • Recognizing human beings as just that and lifting their voices using the Street Data. Showing them they are valued.

Need Assistance? Explore MICIP Resources!

Have questions or need assistance with MICIP? Check out our support options!

  • MiServiceDesk: for technical support and quick assistance,
    • Users requesting support for the first time will be required to sign up for an account and can then submit a ticket or chat live with the MiServiceDesk
    • Returning users will be able to monitor the status of existing tickets and/or create new tickets
  • The MICIP Platform Guide provides step-by-step instructions, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips regarding the MICIP Platform
  • The MICIP Process Guide helps users navigate the MICIP Process.
  • The MICIP Website contains many tools and resources to support the use of MICIP.

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