October 28, 2021 MICIP Continuous Communication

MICIP Continuous Communication

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In this issue of MICIP Continuous Communication

This issue of MICIP Continuous Communication includes frequently asked questions about the integration of MICIP and NexSys, information about new resources and tools available to support monitoring and adjusting your plans, new MICIP guides and tools, information about how to join a new MICIP User Group Conversation, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions on the Integration of MICIP and NexSys   FAQ image

On October 1, 2021, the Michigan Department of Education informed Michigan Electronic Grants System Plus (MEGS+) Authorized Officials and Consolidated Application Main Contacts of a delay in the full integration of MICIP and NexSys.

The delay resulted in the budget for funding the Consolidated Application to remain in MEGS+ for FY21-22. Since this notification, department staff have received a number of questions regarding the impact of the delay. This document will answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Will the Consolidated Application eventually be in NexSys? Will any requirements be reported in NexSys this year (like other Title reporting requirements) or will they all be delayed until next year?

  • There is a distinction between NexSys and the Consolidated Application. NexSys is live and used to apply for grants and seek reimbursement for awarded grants. The Consolidated Application is just one of many applications in NexSys. Further, there are still grant applications in MEGS+ that will continue in that platform until the end of their current cycle, when they will be rolled into NexSys.

When do you expect the MICIP integration with NexSys?

  • The integration process between MICIP and NexSys continues to progress, and districts will be able to complete the Consolidated Application in the integrated platform for FY22-23.

Do districts still need to add agreement numbers linking the building strategies in MICIP to the consolidated application?

  • Yes, but there is no longer an immediate deadline. Once MICIP and NexSys are integrated, the agreement numbers must be entered to correctly link building-tagged strategies and/or activities in the MICIP Portfolio to the district's consolidated application within the NexSys system.

Without the integration, is there an impact on MICIP requirements for this year?

  • MICIP is still the continuous improvement platform for Michigan. Even without the full integration of NexSys, MICIP remains the method by which plans are written and the monitoring, adjusting, and evaluation processes are documented.

Do all district plans need to be in MICIP for SY22-23?

  • Yes, all continuous improvement plans will need to be in MICIP for SY22-23, including those active plans previously in ASSIST. The MICIP Template Process will no longer be an alternative to the platform. 

Are districts required to be authorized in MICIP?

  • Yes, all districts will need to be authorized in MICIP. Currently, over 97% of districts are authorized in MICIP. For further information, please contact Renie Araoz (araozr@michigan.gov).

The MICIP plan meets several federal requirements that do not rely on NexSys (program eval, monitoring, a robust Assess Needs process). Do we still need to share evidence of these requirements during an onsite review?

  • Yes, the federal requirements will still need to be met; however, the MICIP template process or plans completed in the MICIP platform will not be reviewed as a part of the Consolidated Application for FY22.

Will the Consolidated Application in MEGS+ look and function like it did last year?

  • Yes, the FY22 Consolidated Application in MEGS+ will look the same as the application from last fiscal year.

Group imageMICIP User Group Conversation

The first MICIP user group conversation will take place on Monday, November 1 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

The purpose of the group is for MICIP users to learn from and support each other. No matter what your role in or expertise with MICIP, you are welcome to attend. The conversation will include a discussion of questions such as the following:

  • How did using MICIP impact your continuous improvement process this year?
  • What successes did your district have that you could share with others
  • What questions do you have for which you would like answers?
  • What additional resources would you find helpful?

The conversation will also include soliciting topics and facilitators for future conversations, as well as their structure and frequency.

Your attendance at this first conversation does not commit you to any future participation, and you are not required to attend every conversation.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 29 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Dates and times for conversations for 2022 will be determined by attendees and will be announced through the Continuous Communication.

Connection information for November 1 is:

Professional LearningMonitor and Adjust Training Resources

The power point and recording from the October 22nd Monitor and Adjust Training are now on the MICIP website. 

Select the Resources button, on the left MDE Resources column the MICIP Monitor and Adjust Guide is listed in the Guides/Tools section.

There is a video and the presentation slides used during the training.

MICIP ResourcesThe Latest MICIP Guides/Tools

The MICIP Platform Guide has been updated to include the new Monitor component.  The new MICIP Monitor and Adjust Guide is also on the MICIP website. 

Both Guides can be found under the Resources button. Look under the MDE Resources section where you will find a link called Guides/Tools.

Voices from the FieldVoices from the Field

Last chance to respond to this month's question: "What has been your most successful monitoring strategy/tool?"

Follow the link to share your MICIP success!

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