February 25, 2021 MICIP Continuous Communication

MICIP Continuous Communication

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In this issue of MICIP Continuous Communication

In this issue, read about Professional Learning resources that are available, some recently asked questions and answers, and more!

Professional LearningMICIP Professional Learning Resources

There is a new addition to the MICIP Professional Learning page on the MICIP web site.

Under the MICIP Mindset (and eventually under the Systems component), you will find a link to a course entitled Educational Improvement Through Systems.

The course consists of five modules:

  • What is meant by systems?
  • What are systems of schools?
  • How do systems work in school districts?
  • How does the system flow?
  • How are the systems implemented and used to improve schools?

Originally developed by Calhoun ISD as part of the Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) and available only to TAG-supported ISDs, districts, and schools or by subscription to non-TAG-eligible entities, they are now available to everyone free of charge!

The self-paced modules are not specific to any framework and are each about an hour long. Feedback on the modules has been very positive. Consider checking them out as part of your systems work!

Also on the web site is a new graphic addressing Continuous Improvement and the Budget Cycle. For now you will find it under MDE Resources; once the web site is reorganized it will be placed with the other budget resources under MICIP Process.

Finally, under MICIP Current Topics section on the home page, you will find a pre-recorded webinar for ISD MICIP Administrators called ISD MICIP Administrative Settings Training that addresses the functions of administrative settings such as building builder, user management and usage reporting.

Note: this training is for ISD, not district, personnel.

Q&AYour MICIP Questions Answered: The Consolidated Application and NexSys

Here are some answers to questions the MICIP team has received. For more information about MICIP and MICIP resources, go to our web page.

If you would like to submit a question to the MICIP team, send your question to the MICIP email (mde-micip@michigan.gov).

I know that NexSys went live in February.  When can I start entering information into the Consolidated Application in NexSys?

  •  NexSys (Next System) is replacing MEGS+ as the grants management system for MDE. However, the Consolidated Application used with MICIP is only one of dozens of applications in NexSys.
    • There are other applications set to go into NexSys over the next several months, with the Consolidated Application going live in April or May.  Therefore, nothing can be entered until at least that time. 
    • When that time comes, there will be multiple training opportunities regarding how to enter information, including as part of the spring workshops provided by Regional Consultants. Watch Continuous Communication for information about upcoming training opportunities!
    • Districts can also be confident that any “bugs” in the system will be worked out by that time.  Remember that strategy names and activities from plans completed in the MICIP platform will automatically be transferred into the Consolidated Application in NexSys. 
    • Those using the template process will have to enter them both in the template as well as in the Consolidated Application.  For more information, consult the MICIP Frequently Asked Questions document.

MICIP Web Site Reorganization

In the next couple of weeks you will notice a new organizational structure on the Professional Learning and Resources pages on the MICIP web site

Mindset LogoThe Mindset column will be organized by the four components of the Mindset.


MICIP ProcessThe  Process column as well as both columns on the Resources page will be organized by the components of the continuous improvement cycle. 


As we get more resources on these pages, we hope this will make them easier to navigate. 

We also encourage you to share resources you have developed so that we can share them under Resources from the Field and others can benefit from them as well.  Simply send them to Ben Boerkoel, MICIP Professional Learning Lead, at boerkoelb@michigan.gov.

Authorized MICIP Districts: Update

We are excited to report over 715 districts are now accessing the MICIP platform!

If your district is not authorized, contact Renie Araoz (araozR@michigan.gov) to help your district gain access to MICIP today!

LogoUpdate on MiDataHub data 

The use of MiDataHub reports in MICIP is an option available—but not required—for districts. 

The MiDataHub team recently shared an update in the MiDataHub Newsletter highlighting how districts control the flow of data into and out of MiDataHub.

The team at MiDataHub will be offering webinars on the topic in the coming months.  

Watch for updates here and/or sign up for the MiDataHub Newsletter.

 Don't forget to check out Professional Learning Bites!

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Feedback is Essential for Continuous Communication!

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