January 14, 2021 MICIP Continuous Communication

MICIP Continuous Communication

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Welcome to the January 14, 2021 Issue of MICIP Continuous Communication!

In this issue you will find information about how and when to submit a ticket to the MiService Desk, how to make sure you complete your authorization process to access the MICIP Platform, new resources available on the MICIP web page, your 2021-2022 Continuous Improvement Plans, MICIP Platform hints, and more!

Mi Service Desk Help! MI Service Desk

A user should submit a ticket when they are having technical difficulties in the MICIP platform. If you have questions regarding the process, please email your comments to the MICIP mailbox (mde-micip@michigan.gov).

Please note:

  • Users requesting support for the first time will be required to self-register* for an account and can then submit a form request or live chat with MiServiceDesk for MICIP Platform assistance.
  • Returning users will be able to monitor the status of existing support tickets and/or create new support requests using the account they previously registered with.

*Note, efforts are underway to connect MiServiceDesk to MiLaunchPad so that in the future users will not have to register and will be able to use the same account for support that they use to access MICIP.

 MICIP LogoMICIP Platform Authorization Process

Thank you to the 545 districts who have already signed their MICIP Agreement in the DataHub cockpit.

The next step in the authorization process is to identify the district MICIP Administrator. A MICIP Administrator role is to manage rules and functions for district users:

  • An email from Renie Araoz (MDE MICIP Administrator) will acknowledge the signed agreement and request the identification of the district MICIP Administrator.
  • Once Renie receives this information, a district will be authorized in MICIP and the MICIP icon will appear on your MiLaunchPad site. Renie will send you a confirmation email containing suggested first steps.

If a district has a signed agreement but no MICIP icon, this means that no district MICIP Administrator has been identified.

To check on the status of your district’s authorization, please contact Renie Araoz (araozr@michigan.gov).

New MICIP Resources Available!MICIP Resources

New resources are available on the MICIP web page.

2021-2022 Continuous Improvement Plans

What options are there for continuous improvement plans for 2021-2022?

  • All districts must complete a continuous improvement plan for the 2021-2022 school year.  However, districts have two options for writing those plans:

    1. The MICIP Platform
    2. If the district feels it is not able to use the MICIP platform, it may use the Template Process for the 2021-2022 school year only. 

    Districts using the template process will upload plans into NexSys.  Districts using either format are expected to follow the same process and sequence as outlined in the MICIP Process Guide.  The template process and an associated Q and A document will be available under Current Topics on the MICIP website on Friday, January 15. 

Why might districts consider using the MICIP platform rather than the template process?

  • There are a number of features of the MICIP platform that are not present in the template process:
    • The MICIP platform is a direct link to MiSchoolData, and, eventually, to the Data Hub. Districts will also be able to upload local data directly into MICIP to support their data stories.  A district using the template will have to gather their own data.
    • MICIP tools and resources are embedded directly into the platform. Districts using the template process will need to use separate applications and systems.
    • Goals, strategies, and activities from the MICIP platform will feed directly into the Consolidated Application in NexSys; this information will have to be identified separately in the Consolidated Application if using the template, resulting in the need to input the information more than once.
    • The MICIP Platform will produce various reports using data already entered; such reports may have to be individually constructed when using the template.

  How many goals must a district have?

  • There is no minimum or maximum number of goals. There is also no requirement regarding the focus, e.g., five content areas. The district should write goals based on challenges identified in its data; goals could be focused on opportunities for growth in the areas of academics, non-academics, or systems.

Does everything for which a district needs funding have to be part of a plan?

  • The district must complete a plan for each new goal or for strategies and activities not previously part of an improvement plan.  Strategies and activities previously funded and for which continued funding is being requested may be entered separately into NexSys without entering them into the plan.

MICIP Platform Helpful HintMICIP Platform

When entering text, MICIP does not work like a Google doc. It only saves the last entry, thus causing a potential overwrite of the work of other team members.  Before saving, a user should first hit the refresh button to see if there is any other text in the textbox.  Future versions of MICIP will allow multiple users.

MICIP Process Guide Note

MICIP Process Guide Note

For ease of navigation, if by default the Process Guide opens in a browser like Edge, click the Table of Contents tab upper left menu bar to access the bookmarked Table of Contents.  This will keep the Table available alongside of the document and will allow you to easily move between pages of the Guide.

MICIP Process



In the January 4 Special Edition of MICIP Continuous Communication, in the section thanking our testing partners, Eaton RESA was misidentified as Easton RESA. We sincerely apologize for the mistake.

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