Special Edition of MICIP Continuous Communication: MICIP Platform Available!

MICIP Continuous Communication

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Welcome to this Special Edition of MICIP Continuous Communication!

The MICIP Platform is available! This special edition includes information about how to access the MICIP platform, the results of testing the features of the platform, the MICIP Process Guide, and more!

MICIP LogoGo LIVE! Announcement

MICIP Team is pleased to announce that the MICIP platform is ready for statewide use starting on January 4, 2021.

Thank you to all those who contributed to making MICIP a success. It was your hard work and dedication to improving the continuous improvement process that made MICIP a reality.

MICIP Platform LogoAccessing the MICIP Platform

Districts who signed the MICIP agreement and identified their MICIP District Administrator will be authorized into the platform starting on January 4th. Michigan Department of Education will send a confirmation email notifying districts of their access.

Due to a high volume of uploading, there may be a delay in gaining MICIP access.

If a district wants to confirm that they completed all the necessary steps, please send a request to the MICIP email (mde-micip@michigan.gov).

For district who have not signed a MICIP agreement or have not identified a MICIP administrator click here for information about how to sign your district MICIP agreement.

Limited Launch Partners Tested the Features of the MICIP Platform

Our Limited Launch Partners tested all the MICIP features. Some programming glitches were found after the final launch. Our partners figured out a way to work around these glitches until development can make changes to the platform.

Important NoteIMPORTANT NOTE: When entering text, MICIP does not work like Google doc. It only saves the last entry, thus causing a potential overwrite of other team members work. Before saving, a user should first hit the refresh button to see if there is any other text in the textbox. We are working on a resource that could be turned into a Google doc and used by multiple team members at the same time, with the results being copied and pasted into MCIP.

MICIP Process Guide Available NowProcess Logo

To help districts with constructing plans, a Process Guide written by the Michigan Continuous Systems Improvement (MI-CSI) team is available on the MDE website under Resources.

As stated by one of the MI-CSI team members, “The Guide is meant to inspire conversation around the spirit of continuous improvement” and is primarily meant for the facilitator/leader rather than for the general team member. Through questions for consideration and reflection, it focuses primarily on the continuous improvement mindset and process even though there are also directions and screen shots for navigating the platform.

In addition, the Process Guide provides several sample plans that follow the process.

The Process Guide will be updated with additional resources by January 15 and will be revised as the Platform is enhanced with additional features. Updates will be announced in Continuous Communication, and the most current version will always be found on the MICIP web site.

Professional LearningProfessional Learning to Support Implementation

The Michigan Continuous School Improvement (MI-CSI) team is developing a series of professional learning segments to support implementation of the Process Guide; these segments will be placed on the MICIP website and announced in Continuous Communication.

Recently added are the October Continuous Improvement Conference presentations on the MICIP Assess Needs Process and the MICIP Planning Process (posted under MICIP Process):

There are also three videos of MICIP Process (posted under MICIP Platform):

The MICIP Platform Training Manual (how to use the training site) has also been posted, with the video to be coming soon. Contact your ISD/ESA for access to the training.

In the next few weeks we will be reorganizing the website to make it even easier to find resources.

Future releases listing new or improved features, various integration of other data sources, and tweaks will be announced in advance in the MICIP Continuous Communication newsletter.

Thank You Partners!

The MICIP team would like to thank the 14 Limited Launch Partners. On October 5, 2020, ten districts and 4 ISDs agreed to be a part of the limited launch to test out new features, find work arounds when needed, and discover any bugs to be ready for the statewide launch. Thank you to our Limited Launch Partners:

  • Easton RESA
  • Fremont Public SchoolsThank You!
  • Grand Ledge Public Schools
  • Kent ISD
  • Manistee Area Public Schools
  • Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Schools
  • Milan Area Schools
  • Monroe ISD
  • North Muskegon Public Schools
  • Shiawassee RESD
  • South Lyon Community Schools
  • Vicksburg Community Schools
  • Walker Charter Academy
  • Woodhaven-Brownstown Public Schools

We are very grateful to our Limited Launch Partners for their feedback that was used to shape the MICIP Platform.

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Previous issues of MICIP Continuous Communication are available on the MICIP web page.

Feedback is Essential for Continuous Communication!

Have a question, an idea, a suggestion, or a compliment? The MICIP team is always eager to hear your feedback! Send us an email using the MICIP email address (mde-micip@michigan.gov).