May 21, 2020 MICIP Continuous Communication

MICIP Continuous Communication

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Working together for a better MICIP   

MDE is partnering with MAISA and the Michigan Collaboration Hub’s MiCHDev team—a multi-ISD group that develops educational data solutions for Michigan schools—to build the Testing Partners MapMICIP Platform ‘for schools, by schools’.  This unique partnership has directly engaged thousands of educators from all corners of Michigan in the design and development of the MICIP Platform.  The most recent example of the high level of educator engagement and feedback is the MICIP Testing Partners Initiative.  With 39 local districts, in partnership with 34 ISDs (map, right) signed up to test the system as it is being developed. 

This week 67 testing partners participated one of two training webinars and are busy setting up and practicing with the testing software that records their online experience and audio comments to help designers and developers understand which features are intuitive and work well for users and which may need enhancements. In the next two weeks these partners will be the first to log into the MICIP Platform and work through the Assessing Needs portion of the Platform.  This will be the first of five phases of testing this spring and summer.  Each new phase will evaluate sections of the platform with the final two being completed with actual local and ISD district data.

Many thanks to the Testing Partners for their willingness to jump in early, test drive, and provide critical feedback.

Getting Reading For Continuous Improvement – Building Your Team

Professional Learning“The power of a team lies in its capacity to perform at all levels, and deliver results greater than the sum of its parts” (The Leaders Institute). Team-based leadership is critical to a high-quality continuous improvement process. Building an effective team that works at different levels and achieves results takes time and planning. Building an effective team also requires having the right people who have the right knowledge and skills. The district might reflect on the following question: 

Does the team represent the following key stakeholders?

  • central office personnel
  • building leadership
  • various systems (curriculum/instruction/assessment, data, technology, finance, student support, human resources, transportation, facilities management, food service, etc.)
  • educational and health components of the Whole Child (physical, social and emotional health, nutrition, etc.)
  • board/parent, community and, where appropriate, student representatives
  • at least one key leader with the ability to make executive-level decisions

It is important to note that having various perspectives represented does not necessarily mean having a different individual for each perspective.  Particularly in smaller districts, individuals can represent more than one perspective.  It may also not be practical to have all perspectives represented at every meeting; in that case, it is important to bring in the various perspectives at particularly relevant times. The MICIP platform will allow all team members to stay up-to-date with the ongoing continuous improvement work.

In the next issue: Characteristics of a strong continuous improvement team


District and School Improvement Plan Reminders

On April 30, 2020, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Keesler announced the requirements for reporting school and district improvement plans. Schools and districts are not required to complete and submit an updated or new District Improvement Plan (DIP), Single Building District Improvement Plan (SBDIP), or School Improvement Plan (SIP) in ASSIST for the 2020-2021 school year (see attached memo or link: Adjustments to plans can still be made in ASSIST if a district chooses, but the plan then must be resubmitted.  As part of the transition, the last submitted plan will be uploaded into the MICIP platform.    


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