MDOT wknd construction 0916-091922

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09/16-9/19/22   WEEKEND WORK for MDOT (I, M, US roads)

Always check for this info and for ALL projects and follow @MDOT_MetroDet.




Wayne - SB I-75, McNichols to M-8/Davison, 2 LANES OPEN, Sat 7am- Sun 8am.



Macomb – EB/WB I-94 at M-59, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 5am-Sun 5pm.

Macomb - WB I-94, N River Rd to 12 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat-Sun 6am-7pm.

Macomb - EB I-94, Harper to N. River Rd, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat-Sun 6am-7pm.

Macomb - WB I-94 RAMP CLOSED to M-59, Mon 7am-10/4.

Wayne - EB I-94, Lonyo to Cecil, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9pm-Sat 8am. AND Sat 7pm-Sun 8 am.



Wayne - WB I-96 RAMP CLOSED to Greenfield, Fri 8am-3pm.

Wayne – EB/WB I-96 RAMPS CLOSED to SB M-39, Sat 9am-1pm.

Wayne - EB I-96 Local lanes, Evergreen to M-39/Southfield, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 9am-3pm.

Wayne - WB I-96 Local lanes, Greenfield to M-39/Southfield, 1 LANE OPEN, Sun 9am-3pm.



Wayne - SB I-275 RAMP CLOSED to EB I-96, Sat 6am-2pm.


M-3: (Gratiot)

Macomb - NB M-3, Main St to Henry B Joy Blvd, 2 LANES OPEN, Mon-Thu 9am-3pm.


M-8: (Davison)

Wayne - WB M-8 Service Drive CLOSED, Dequindre to Oakland, Mon 7am – 9/30.


M-10: (Lodge)

Wayne - SB M-10 RAMP CLOSED to Larned, Fri 4pm-11pm.

Wayne - NB M-10, Forest Ave to I-94, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 7pm-Sun 2pm AND 2 LANES OPEN, Sun 2pm-Mon 5am.


M-15: (Ortonville Rd)

Oakland - SB M-15 CLOSED, Grange Rd. to Wolf Rd, Mon 9am-mid-Nov.


M-39: (Southfield)

Wayne - EB/WB Plymouth Rd at M-39 (Southfield Fwy), 2 LANES OPEN, Sat 9am-1pm.



Macomb - EB M-59 at Hayes Rd, 3 lanes open, Fri 9am-mid-Oct.


M-85: (Fort St)

Wayne - EB/WB M-85 at Woodmere St, 2 LANES OPEN, 7am-5pm, Mon-9/30.


M-102: (8 Mile)

Wayne/Macomb - WB 8 Mile, Van Dyke to Mound, 3 lanes open, Mon-9/28, 8am-5pm.


US-12: (Michigan Ave)

Wayne - EB US-12, Wayne Rd to Venoy, 3 lanes open, Mon-Tue 9am-3pm.