Coyote season changes – closure April 16-July 14

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2024 coyote hunting season date and firearm use regulation changes

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission, at its March 14 meeting, approved two regulation changes that affect coyote hunting in Michigan. These changes will be included in the 2024 Furbearer Harvest Regulations Summary but take effect prior to its publication.

Season closure April 16-July 14

The open coyote hunting season (previously year-round) now takes place from July 15 to April 15 of the following year. This means that coyote hunting season will close April 16, 2024, and reopen in mid-July. While the hunting season is closed, there are still options available to mitigate coyote conflicts. For more information, see the Nuisance coyote FAQ page.

Firearm use changes

Additionally, centerfire firearms .269-caliber or smaller can now be used at night in the Limited Firearm Deer Zone (southern portion of the Lower Peninsula; see hunting zones map) on both public and private lands to take coyote, fox, opossum and raccoon. However, centerfire firearms still cannot be used at night statewide during Nov. 10-30 or in state parks and recreation areas.

You can find the most up-to-date coyote hunting and regulation information on the Trapping/fur harvesting webpage.