DNR rejects proposed Camp Grayling lease expansion

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April 28, 2023

Media contact: DNR-Public-Info@Michigan.gov

DNR rejects proposed Camp Grayling lease expansion

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs had sought to lease 162,000 acres of state forest land for training

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has declined a proposed 20-year lease of approximately 162,000 acres of state forest land to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. The DMVA had sought to lease the land, located around the National Guard training camp in Grayling, to accommodate low-impact military training activities.

“We appreciate the many comments we received on this proposal and the commitment people have to public lands,” said Acting DNR Director Shannon Lott. “Public concerns and feedback from Tribal governments, coupled with our own review of the proposal, led us to decide against a 20-year lease on such a significant portion of state-managed land.”

The decision was made after months of public input and after consultation with interested Michigan Tribal governments.

Memorandum of Understanding

Under a Memorandum of Understanding between the DNR and the DMVA, the DMVA will be able to apply for limited land use permits to conduct exercises on up to 52,000 acres of eligible land. The permits would allow the Michigan National Guard to conduct low-impact training on specified areas of land, which would remain open to the public and Tribal members at all times. The MOU also provides that the permits will not allow military training to take place in any protected or sensitive habitat areas or within a certain distance of inland lakes and designated trout streams.

The DMVA may apply for permits using the same system and be evaluated under the same regulations that apply to all other public events and activities on state-managed public lands, including individual events, research projects and large gatherings. The DMVA will pay fees and costs associated with applying for a permit, the same as other members of the public.

People who want to legally use the land for hunting, fishing, camping or other recreational pursuits would continue to be allowed, without restriction, on land in use by the Michigan National Guard under a land use permit.

Background on lease proposal

Michigan military leaders last winter proposed a lease of up to 162,000 acres of state forest land around Camp Grayling to conduct periodic, low-impact activities such as cyber and electronic warfare, and operation of space and communication systems.

Protecting water and maintaining public access to land were key concerns expressed by fishing, hunting and conservation groups throughout the public comment period, which opened in June 2022 and remained open for eight months, much longer than a typical DNR public comment period. The DNR and DMVA also hosted Tribal consultations to get feedback from governments about the DMVA’s proposed use of additional state-managed public land.

More information is available on the DNR's Camp Grayling proposal webpage.

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