Update on traffic delays, entrance closure at Negwegon State Park

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Sept. 14, 2021

Logging may cause delays on Sand Hill Trail in Alcona, Alpena counties

Logging equipment is used to pick up cut timber in a field starting to show autumn color

Two timber harvests underway near Negwegon State Park, located on the border of Alcona and Alpena counties, may temporarily affect traffic entering and leaving the park. 

Locals and park visitors may see increased truck traffic or encounter short delays on a narrow stretch of Sand Hill Trail between the Negwegon State Park entrance and East Black River Road. Road closures are not anticipated. 

"Logging ahead" signs will be posted in the area to alert drivers and hikers to cutting activity. Logging is expected to wrap up by Oct. 1, and timber hauling and site cleanup will be finished by Nov. 1. All activities will take place on state forest lands on the west side of Sand Hill Road. 

Hikers using area trails are asked to maintain a safe distance from logging equipment and not approach active logging operations. 

The first timber harvest site will undergo tree thinning that is expected to improve the health of the forest by letting in more sunlight and reducing competition between young trees. The second site is a clear-cut that will restore young, vigorous forest and create habitat for rabbits, grouse, deer and amphibians.  

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is certified in sustainable forest management techniques by two independent organizations. These techniques include regenerating forests after cutting, protecting water quality and conserving biological diversity. Learn more at Michigan.gov/ForestCertification.

Contact: Trevor Kubitskey, forest technician, 989-826-3211, ext. 7041

Negwegon State Park entrance closure set for Sept. 24

Visitors to Negwegon State Park visitors also should be aware of a closure set for Friday, Sept. 24. Lake State Railway Company will be completing repairs at the railroad crossing along the main access road. During this time, traffic will not be allowed to enter the main road into the park off Sand Hill Trail. The closure will be in place for the entire day (approximately 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.) and the park entrance will reopen Saturday, Sept. 25.

Contact: Eric Ostrander, park supervisor, 989-724-5126

Note to editors: Accompanying images are available below for download. Caption information follows.

  • Area map: PDF map highlighting area of Sand Hill Trail near the Alcona and Alpena county border where delays may occur.
  • Logging equipment: DNR file photo of equipment being used to move cut timber.

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