Michigan winter fur harvesting opportunities

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Michigan winter fur harvesting opportunities

Enjoy time outdoors in Michigan’s snowy wonderland this winter. Remember to be safe while hunting or trapping and wear a mask if you cannot be 6 feet away from other people.

2020 Fur Harvester Digest

The 2020 Fur Harvester Digest has season dates, unit boundaries, bag limits and other regulations you'll want to be aware of before heading out. 

Furbearer registration

Call ahead to schedule an appointment at a DNR furbearer registration station.

Before your appointment:

  • Furbearers should be skinned and the skull separated.
  • Have detailed location information about where the furbearer was harvested ready, if possible. We will be asking for the township, range and section as part of the registration process.

At your appointment:

  • DNR staff will come out to your vehicle or to the available table outside the office building.
  • Please place the skull and skinned pelt on your tailgate or hood or the available table.
  • Please wear a mask and adhere to social distancing while staff seals the pelt and collects the required information.
  • To complete the registration, staff will review the data collected with you for accuracy.

DNR staff will be adhering to social distancing guidelines as well as sanitizing any surfaces, tools and devices after each appointment.

Hunting seasons

  • Bobcat (residents):
    • Units A, B and C: Jan. 1 - March 1.
    • Unit D: Jan. 1 - Feb. 1.
    • Units E and F: Jan. 1-11.
  • Coyote hunting is open year-round, statewide.
  • Raccoon hunting is open through Jan. 31, statewide.
  • Fox (gray and red) hunting is open through March 1, statewide.

Trapping seasons

  • Badger (residents):
    • Zone 3 open through March 1.
  • Beaver (residents):
    • Unit A open through April 30.
    • Units B and C open through April 23.
  • Beaver (nonresidents):
    • Unit A open through April 30.
    • Units B and C open through April 23.
  • Bobcat (residents):
    • Units A and B: Dec. 1 - Feb. 1.
    • Units C, D, E and F: Dec. 10-20.
  • Coyote and fox (gray and red):
    • Open through March 1, statewide.
  • Fisher and Marten:
    • Zone 1 (excluding Drummond Island): Dec. 4-13.
  • Muskrat and mink:
    • Zones 1, 2 and 3 open through March 1.
  • Otter (residents):
    • Units A, B and C open through March 31
  • Raccoon:
    • Open through March 31, statewide.

Fur harvester license and kill tags

The 2020 fur harvester license is valid through April 30, 2021.

Buy a license ►

Get licenses and kill tags online at Michigan.gov/DNRLicenses or anywhere licenses are sold.

Fur harvesting info ►

Visit Michigan.gov/Trapping for fur harvesting seasons, regulations and more.