[VIDEO] The River Raisin revived

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People cross a bridge over the River Raisin - City of Monroe

Documentary showcases inspiring story of River Raisin's recovery 

The River Raisin created prosperity for the people of Southeast Michigan, reflected in its many names, like the "river of sturgeon" and "river of grapes" given by Native Americans and French settlers.  

The river played a critical role in the history and development of Southeast Michigan. It was a backdrop to historic events like a significant battle in the War of 1812, development of industrial manufacturing and the creation of Michigan's only port on Lake Erie.

However, that legacy also left environmental damage that contaminated the river and weighed down riverside communities.

Recognizing a need to protect and restore the Raisin, partners embarked on an ambitious effort to clean up the river and create a better, healthier place for future generations. Today, the community is celebrating strides forward in the river's recovery with a new documentary.

An egret takes flight on the River Raisin - City of Monroe

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A tandem bike is parked in front of the River Raisin - City of Monroe

The video features community members, OGL staff, and federal officials working side-by-side to revitalize the river over time, showing the power of collaboration and persistence. 

Development was supported by a partnership of the City of Monroe, Michigan OGL and federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Learn more about work to restore the River Raisin at https://riverraisinlegacyproject.com or connect with Melanie Foose in the Office of the Great Lakes.

The Areas of Concern Program in the Office of the Great Lakes works with partners to restore waters like the River Raisin impacted by pollution and environmental damage to create a healthier future.