Reel in Michigan's Fisheries, October 2018 edition

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Scenic shot of marshy area

Reel in Michigan's Fisheries

October 2018

Check out what's going on across Michigan as it relates to the state's world-class fisheries! This fall's stories are below.

Woman crouches in water with bucket to help stock juvenile lake sturgeon

Using streamside rearing to put more lake sturgeon in Michigan water
Lake sturgeon have a long and storied history in Michigan, with their populations declining dramatically since the 1800s due to habitat loss and degradation and overfishing. Since that time the DNR – in partnership with several entities who have great passion for lake sturgeon – have been working to rehabilitate populations in waterbodies throughout the state.

One critical effort used for this rehabilitation work has been streamside rearing facilities which use local river water to allow young sturgeon to “imprint”, increasing the chances they’ll return to the target river as mature adults. These facilities have allowed thousands of sturgeon to be stocked across Michigan.

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DNR and DEQ staff working together on Houghton County storm recovery efforts

Coordinated effort aiding Houghton County storm recovery effort
The state’s coordinated ongoing rebuilding and restoration efforts are producing positive results in the wake of a 1,000-year flood that ravaged Houghton County in June.

The Michigan departments of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources have been working together to remove threats to health, safety and welfare.

The June 17 Father’s Day storm dumped 7 inches of rain on some parts of Houghton County over a nine-hour period. Damage to state-managed facilities in the area was assessed at just under $20 million.

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Fort Custer Recreation Area lakes fish & habitat restoration underway
The Fort Custer Recreation Area (FCRA) Lakes Enhancement Project kicked off this summer at the 3,000-acre state park located in Augusta, Michigan. The DNR is working with Kieser & Associates (K&A), an environmental science and engineering firm in Kalamazoo, along with the Kalamazoo River Watershed Council (KRWC), Aquest Corporation, Aquatic Services, Inc. and EnviroScience to develop and implement an integrated lake management plan for three lakes in the FCRA (Eagle, Whitford-Lawler and Jackson Hole).

The project is funded through the Natural Resource Damage Assessment as part of the settlement levied against Enbridge Energy in connection with the July 2010 oil release on Line 6B into the Kalamazoo River.

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Eurasian watermilfoil on a lake in Fort Custer Recreation Area

Investigating the trout population in the North Branch of the Au Sable River
Spring ushered into northern Michigan an unwelcomed guest in 2018…an extended winter with an unprecedented snowfall in April. When winter finally relented, and anglers were able to get out and enjoy fishing their favorite spots, the DNR Fisheries Division’s Northern Lake Huron Management Unit started getting phone calls from concerned anglers about their lack of success on the North Branch of the Au Sable River.

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Individuals working together on surveying North Branch of Au Sable River