Your Adoption Questions Answered

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Your Adoption Questions Answered

As part of Adoption Awareness Month this November, we're working to highlight the importance of adoption and foster care while also setting the record straight on the differences between the two. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.


What does it take to foster or adopt?

Quite simply, all it takes is love, commitment, and a willingness to provide youth with a safe and supportive home.

What are the main differences between fostering and adopting?

Adopting and fostering are both wonderful ways to support youth, but they are different.

Fostering does not always lead to adoption. The goal of foster care is reunification, whenever possible.

When reunification isn’t possible, adoption becomes a wonderful way to provide a permanent, stable and loving environment for Michigan’s youth.

Many adults start by becoming foster parents. Fostering is often a first step in adopting, however it is important to remember that most youth in foster care will be reunified with their parents.

What resources are available to learn more about adoption and foster care?

There are many resources available for potential adoptive parents. To learn more about adoption in Michigan, please visit the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange website or contact an Adoption Navigator at 800-589-MARE (6273). 

To learn more about fostering, please contact one of our foster care navigators.​


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