Michigan Environmental Network News - March 13, 2015

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Michigan Environmental Leaders Network

You are receiving this newsletter based on your subscribing, or past/present participation in one of Michigan’s stewardship programs or partnerships.  The establishment of the Network is the first step in the continuous improvement of the Office of Environmental Assistance (OEA) environmental partner programs. As a current pollution prevention partner you have been automatically subscribed to this service.  We invite you to share this with coworkers and colleagues who may be interested.

Furthermore, this network is brought to you as a free service provided by the OEA and is meant to provide a vehicle for environmental news to flow between businesses, local units of government, citizens, community groups and environmental organizations. The goal is to facilitate information sharing on pollution prevention, sustainability, and other topics related to environmental improvement with a focus on environmental activities such as workshops, financial opportunities, restoration activities, volunteer/mentoring programs, training announcements, news or other events. 

Participation in this network is voluntary but is highly recommended.  Announcements and information will be received on a bi-weekly basis with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality maintaining the network listing as well as content provided.  Network participants are encouraged to provide content by forwarding to the network administrator.

Thank you.

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For more information regarding the Network News newsletters, please contact Jeff Spencer at spencerj3@michigan.govPlease do not reply to this email.