“Numbers to Know” for Hemp Grower Requirements

Industrial Hemp Updates

“Numbers to Know” for Hemp Grower Requirements

March 23, 2022

The Industrial Hemp Growers Act contains important information regarding registration fees,
application deadlines, and notification requirements. The tables below highlight the numbers,
deadlines, and dates included in the Act. These figures are accurate as of March 7, 2022 and are
subject to change. More information about crop-related requirements below can be found at
www.Michigan.gov/HempLaws including Remediation of Noncompliant Hemp, Noncompliant Hemp
Crop Options, Disposal of Noncompliant Hemp, and Grower Recordkeeping. See Industrial Hemp
Program Fees for more information about regulatory fees associated with hemp cultivation.

Hemp Grower Registration Dates or Timeframes

Grower Registration cycle

February 1 - January 31

Grower Renewal Application late fee must also be submitted if application is postmarked after

January 31

Criminal history background check, required with application, must be dated

Within 60 days of submitting the registration application

Number of years a controlled substance felony will result in a denial of the registration application

10 years

If an applicant has not received a deficiency email about the application or received registration via mail, contact MDARD

4 weeks following application submittal

If the department denies application, the applicant may submit a written appeal for a hearing within

15 days after denial is received

Submit a site modification form for additions or modifications to already-registered growing locations

BEFORE implementing a growing location change