Grower Posting Requirement

Industrial Hemp Updates

Grower Posting Requirement

June 22, 2021

In accordance with Public Act 220 of 2020, the Industrial Hemp Growers Act, as amended, a hemp
grower must post signage in a conspicuous location at each boundary line of each location where
industrial hemp is grown.

Physical sign requirements:

□ At least 8 by 10 inches (in either direction).
□ Clearly legible.
□ Text not smaller than 3/8 inch tall (tip: Arial font, 36-point or larger will meet this requirement).
□ Made of weather-resistant material.

Required text:

□ The exact statement: “Industrial Hemp Registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development”.
□ Grower’s name.
□ Grower’s registration number.

Remember, the font and case you choose for your sign will impact the text size. Additionally, postings can always contain more information than what is shown above. The Act simply spells out the minimum requirements.

For more information about Michigan’s Industrial Hemp program, visit or email MDARD at