MDARD Industrial Hemp Update #24

Industrial Hemp Updates

Hemp Program Contacts and Updates


Industrial hemp can be used in an estimated 50,000 different products across a wide spectrum of industries including, textiles, bioplastics, cosmetics, building materials and human and animal food. Many of these products fall under the authority of the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) and are subject to programs, laws and regulations that fall beyond the scope of the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act, PA 641 of 2018.

The purpose of this release is to highlight these programs and to raise awareness within the hemp industry that there may be additional regulatory requirements which must be met before certain hemp products may be commercially manufactured, distributed, sold or marketed.

Hemp Product and Activity

Where to find additional information

Human Food or Beverage:

You intend to process, manufacture and/or distribute human food and/or beverages containing hemp derived ingredients, including hemp products that have been classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) such as hulled hemp seed, hemp oil from seeds and hemp flour and are intended for ingestion or labeled for consumption.    

MDARD’s Food and Dairy Division


A food establishment license is likely needed. Please see the link below for more details


Animal Food, including Livestock and Pet Food:

You intend to process, manufacture and/or distribute animal and/or pet food and treats containing hemp or any of its derivatives as ingredients.

MDARD’s Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division –

Animal Feed Program,4610,7-125-1569_16979_21266---,00.html

Viable Hemp Seed

You intend to sell viable hemp seed to other registered hemp growers in Michigan.

MDARD’s Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division –

Commercial Seed Program,4610,7-125-2390_41275-142548--,00.html

Viable Hemp Plants

You intend to export viable hemp starts, transplants, clones, etc. to growers in other states and countries.

To ship to other states: contact the state department of agriculture in the state to which you are shipping.


To ship to other countries: MDARD’s Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division –

Phytosanitary Export Certification Program,4610,7-125-2390_48159-178838--,00.html

Hemp Product Sale Methods

You intend to sell hemp products that need to be weighed before purchase or are packaged for sale.

MDARD Laboratory Division –

Weights and Measures Program


The requirements for each of these activities will be explained further in individual program handouts. In the meantime, please use the web links listed in the table to learn more about the program, its regulatory requirements and who to contact for additional information.

In addition to MDARD programs, there may also be other laws, regulations, and requirements that business owners should follow. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC), Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides counseling, training, research and advocacy for start-ups, existing small businesses and innovative tech companies. Counselors are available to provide support, chart strategies and more. The SBDC also publishes a Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business, which provides steps for starting a business; forms of business organization; elements of a business plan; federal, state, and local tax obligations; management, hiring, marketing and more.

For additional information, on MEDC and the SBDC, please click on the following link:

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