MDARD Industrial Hemp Update #17

Industrial Hemp Updates

Final Report Submission


As you are aware, all 2019 registered hemp growers and licensed processor-handlers are required to submit a final report on their research activities. A final report template has been developed for this purpose and can be accessed using the survey monkey link below. 

Completing this survey, no later than December 30, 2019, will satisfy your 2019 final report requirements.

Please note, if you are registered as BOTH a grower AND licensed as a processor-handler, you are only required to complete the survey ONE time. It is not necessary to complete the survey for each license type that you held in 2019.

This survey consists of multiple choice and fill-in questions covering the following areas:

  • General Information
  • Research Goals
  • Planting Information
  • Harvest Information
  • Processing Hemp
  • Miscellaneous

Please follow the provided instructions and answer all questions to the best of your ability.