MDARD Industrial Hemp Update #16

Industrial Hemp Updates

2019 Ag Pilot Program Final Report Template to be distributed December 2, 2019


On Monday, December 2, 2019 all hemp licensees (growers and processor-handlers) will receive an Industrial Hemp Update email containing important information regarding requirements for submitting their 2019 Ag Pilot Program Final Report.  All final reports are due December 30, 2019.


To ensure consistency in final report content and facilitate the summarizing of the data, a Final Report template was developed and will be distributed to all hemp licensees.  The template will be emailed to all hemp licenses and must be completed electronically using a Survey Monkey tool.


  1. Monitor your email on Monday December 2, 2019 for MDARD’s Industrial Hemp Update titled “Final Report Submission.” 
  2. When you are prepared, click on the link and complete the survey template.  Instructions on how to complete the survey will be provided in the email and link.
  3. If you were licensed as both a grower AND a processor-handler in 2019, you will be able to satisfy both final report requirements by submitting one survey.  You do not have to submit separate surveys for each license type.
  4. All final reports must be submitted electronically, via this survey link, by December 30, 2019.