Maximus Announces an Incentive to take the SIS-A

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Maximus is pleased to announce a new incentive to take the SIS-A. The first 800 individuals on Section 21, Section 29, or on the waitlists who wish to participate will receive a one-time payment amount of $100.  Those who already completed a valid SIS-A will also receive $100.


  • You must be a member of Section 21 or 29 or be on the waitlists for these waivers.
  • You must be among the first 800 individuals who received an assessment. Note that training assessments do not qualify, as there has already been reimbursement for training assessments.
  • Other attendees at an assessment do not qualify for this member-only incentive.
  • You will be compensated if you have already completed a regular, non-training assessment earlier in 2023, or if you fully complete a new assessment.

Once Maximus completes 800 assessments, the incentive will end.

The SIS-A will be used by Community Case Managers to support the Person-Centered Planning process.  It will also support the design of the Lifespan Waiver. This will be a new waiver which will offer new services and innovations to participants.  Taking the SIS-A will not affect your current services options.

Your help is strongly encouraged and will also help the service system improve.

Thank you!

For any questions about the incentive, please email: Email: Phone: (833) 771-4639  Business Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm EST, M-F 

To sign up for a SIS-A Assessment, contact Maximus, call 833.771.4639 or email: