Reminder about the ongoing SIS-A assessments for Maine

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Dear current Section 21 or 29 member or person on a waiting list for these Sections,

This is a notice and reminder about the ongoing SIS-A assessments for Maine.

The State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS) has started a new needs assessment process with vendor, Maximus. This new process is the Supports Intensity Scale of Adults (SIS-A®) 2nd edition. It will be part of the new “A Path for ME” Lifespan Waiver being planned for a future launch.

Why should you take a SIS-A assessment?

The SIS-A assessment measures the support you need in different parts of your life. These include home living, community living, health and safety, learning, work, and other areas.

Taking a SIS-A can be helpful to you right now. Completing the assessment gives the community case manager more details to help you achieve your goals. It also tells OADS more about you. They can use this info to build programs and services to better meet your unique needs. The goal is to better serve all Mainers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)/Autism.

Contact Maximus to schedule your SIS-A assessment: Contact the Maine SIS Help Desk: (call 833.771.4639 or email

What should you expect from the assessment process?

After you contact Maximus, someone will get in touch with you. They will also contact other people who should attend your assessment interview. This will usually include the member, the case manager, guardian, family, friends, direct support staff from residential, day or other providers. Members have a choice about who they want at the interview. During the assessment, the interviewer will explain the process and go through some questions with everyone attending. The assessment usually takes 2-3 hours.

Where can you learn more about SIS-A assessments? Find more SIS-A support information:

Sign up for the SIS-A mailing list: Please send an email to: with the subject line, “Add me to the Maine SIS assessments member mailing list.”

Thank you!