DEPHC Post-Meeting Summary from 5/15/20

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Good Afternoon Downeast Public Health Council,

This is a post-meeting summary from the May 15, 2020 DEPHC meeting. Below, please find the draft minutes from Friday’s meeting.

Coronavirus Update: We heard from numerous partners on how their Organizations have been effected by the pandemic. Al has been asked to work on the Sara Alert Contact Tracing team. These are the flyers Al provided to attendees:

The Council Coordinator, Maura, gave an update on the three Downeast websites;

Health Literacy Committee: Has met and is currently identifying areas of concern and the committee is planning to lay out doable strategies, activities and outcomes for the next year.

The Palliative Care Committee is currently looking at models of palliative care in Downeast. The ultimate goal is planning a summit.

We had updates from Emergency Management. Thank you Andrew S., Andrew B., Megan Melville and Lynne Dwelley. Thank you to Sandra Y and Kristie R for the updates from the Tribal Communities.

Partner Links from this Meeting;

Thank you all for your attendance and interest in the Downeast Public Health Council.

Al & Maura