IMD Exclusion for SUD and SMI/SED 1115 Waiver Application

Maine Department of Health & Human Services

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IMD Exclusion for SUD and SMI/SED 1115 Waiver


On November 26, 2019, MaineCare submitted a 1115 demonstration waiver application to CMS with the goal of improving the SUD service delivery system. If approved, this waiver would allow for additional federal funding for residential or inpatient SUD treatment for MaineCare-enrolled adults and would provide state flexibility to pilot four services focused on MaineCare-enrolled parents with SUD who are involved with or at-risk of involvement with Child Protective Services. The proposed pilots include community-based skill development, parenting interventions, and MaineCare eligibility changes intended to address coverage and service delivery gaps that impact the health and well-being of this target population and their families. For questions about the submitted waiver, please contact Olivia Alford at


Please note, the waiver application includes provisions related to SUD treatment and recovery only. Earlier this year, the Department proposed incorporating provisions related to SMI/SED residential and inpatient services as part of this submission; however in response to stakeholder feedback these two proposals have been separated. Delivery system improvements related to SMI/SED remain a priority and will be addressed after further system-wide capacity and needs assessment and informed by further stakeholder engagement.