MaineCare School-Based Services Reminders

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MaineCare School-Based Services Reminders

MaineCare School-Based Services Billing Guide

Please review the MaineCare in Education 2017 School-Based Services Billing Guide. The guide has been updated and is available on MaineCare’s School-based webpage. Included in this update are instructions regarding enrollment and revalidation.

School-Based Services Provider Reminders 

All services are categorized as School-Based Services must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be medically necessary;
  2. Be ordered, prescribed or recommended by a physician or other licensed practitioner;
  3. Be included in the Member’s IEP or IFSP; and
  4. Be medical in nature (as opposed to educational).

It is the responsibility of the provider to verify a member’s eligibility for MaineCare prior to providing services, as described in Chapter 1, Section 1 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual.

All Questions relating to MaineCare School-Based Services can be directed to