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Update on Provider Tax Increase for Section 28, Rehabilitative and Community Support Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations (RCS)

This message is an update about the 1% provider tax increase for Section 28 RCS providers.

Section 28 providers can now adjust to account for the increase.

Effective February 15, 2017, providers should submit their claims using the rates below:

Code Old Rate New rate
H2021 HI 8.94/unit          9.02/unit
H2021 HQ HI UN 4.72/unit          4.77/unit
H2021 HQ HI UP                3.23/unit           3.26/unit
H2021 HQ HI UQ               2.49/unit         2.51/unit
H2021 HK                             12.34/unit      12.46/unit
H2021 HQ HK UN              6.42/unit       6.48/unit
H2021 HQ HK UP               4.36/unit     4.40/unit
H2021 HQ HK UQ              3.33/unit               3.36/unit

For questions on how to adjust your claims, please email Joshua Birdwell or call (207) 624-6938.

Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance Coverage Claims Paid in Error, CR 56188 

An issue was identified where claims that had TPL insurance coverage as the primary insurance and MaineCare as secondary were paid as primary in error. These claims should have denied with no primary payment and will be recouped on a future Remittance Advice. 

New KEPRO Web-based Platform Training: June 2017 

KEPRO, the organization responsible for utilization management efforts related to behavioral health and substance abuse services through MaineCare, will be implementing a new web-based platform, Atrezzo, in July 2017. Atrezzo will replace the current CareConnection platform. Provider training on this new platform will be scheduled for the month of June 2017. More information will follow in the upcoming months.