Governor Mills Statement Honoring Earth Day

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Governor Mills Statement Honoring Earth Day
April 22, 2019

Governor Janet Mills issued the following statement in recognition of Earth Day:

“Maine’s natural resources are a cornerstone of our heritage and our economy. Preserving them is vital to our public health and, in a sense, to the survival of our communities. Protecting these precious resources is not some partisan rallying cry, but a responsibility that all of us share and a recognition that the movement toward a clean environment has been led by Maine Republicans like Harry Richardson, Sherry Huber, Joe Sewall and Senator Bill Cohen, as well as Maine Democrats like Ted Kofman, Linda McKee, Senators Ed Muskie and George Mitchell. Maine people have always led the way in the pursuit of clean air, clean water and uncontaminated soils.”

“Today, on Earth Day, we recommit ourselves to that noble goal with more urgency than ever before as climate change takes its toll on our state and our country every day. I pledge that my Administration will work to prevent and mitigate climate change at every turn, helping communities become resilient to those changes already underway and embracing clean energy opportunities to create jobs and wean our state off fossil fuels. We will lead in this effort in order to ensure that our children and grandchildren will enjoy, as we do, Maine’s unsurpassed bounty and beauty.”

Governor Mills also proclaimed April 22, 2019 as Earth Day in Maine and encouraged “all citizens in our state to participate in programs and activities that will protect our environment and contribute to a healthy, sustainable future.” A copy of the proclamation is attached.