Menhaden: Episodic Fishery CLOSED Tuesday, June 28 at 12:01am

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Notice to Menhaden License holders:


This notice is to inform harvesters that the episodic events set aside fishery for menhaden will close, effective Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 12:01am. Given multiple states participation under the episodic events set aside, there is insufficient quota remaining for Maine to remain open for another harvest day and not risk an overage. As a reminder, there is a pound-for-pound payback of an overage under the episodic events set aside unless the state is able to secure a transfer to the set aside. 

Note that individuals holding non-commercial menhaden licenses are not impacted by this closure and may continue to harvest 1,050 lbs per harvester and per vessel each day, in accordance with Chapter 41.40.



Given late-reporting in the FY2022 menhaden fishery, DMR needs time between phases of the fishery to accurately calculate total landings and effort under the state quota fishery and episodic events set aside fishery. As a result, the small-scale fishery will open on Wednesday, July 6th. 

As a reminder, under the small-scale fishery is it unlawful for those with a commercial menhaden license to fish for, take, possess, or land more than 6,000 pounds per vessel per day. There are three landing days in the small-scale fishery: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Those fishing with fishing weirs, stop seines, and pounds nets are not subject to the three-day harvest schedule; however, total weekly landings must not exceed 18,000 pounds per harvest vessel. 


Under the incidental catch and small-scale fishery, all Menhaden Commercial license holders are required to electronically submit trip level reports on a weekly basis, as described in Chapter 41.30(1)(B). These trip level reports are due weekly by 11:59pm Sunday.

Electronic reporting can be completed through either LEEDS or the VESL electronic harvest reporting application available for iOS and Android devices.  Please note that if you have already signed up to VESL for a different species, you will already have access for reporting menhaden.  Contact (207-633-9500), option 2 for Landings Division and then Option 4 for electronic reporting. Email any questions on electronic reporting to 

Chapter 41 Menhaden regulations